RIP Oddbins (again)

According to Sky News administrators have been called in. The Seagram era version was central to my development of an interest in wine.

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Sad news, worked for them just after the millenium, great fun and some fantastic wines. Started my love of wine off working there.


Oh, that is sad. They did try hard this time - but I just never connected with the new approach

Tough time for all businesses at the moment I should think :frowning:

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Sad, I’ve bought little wine from them but they were certainly instrumental in getting my love of single malts going. However like wine I buy most of my whisky online now. And I think thats the problem most of these shops face now. If they can’t successfully make that transition they are likely doomed.

Seagram of course had the common sense to leave the successful business model alone, whereas Nicolas the French outfit wrecked it in a couple of years, shame.


And the Nicholas era was of course followed by the Baillie era which in many ways was even less successful.

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You are right but the damage had already been done.

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Wine Direct / Justincases have also appointed administrators this month…

Indeed. And rumours circulating of an even more significant demise.

What (who) have you heard?

Bought a bottle of Grange for £25 from the Seven Dials store in the early 90s.
But it’s been a bit crap for ages now.

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I also recall buying Grange (for the princely sum of £30) from Oddbins. 1981 vintage I recall. I think it was the most I had paid for a bottle of wine up to that point. I also have very fond memories of the Holborn Viaduct store (by which point my maximum spend had moved on…)

It seems many of us have fond memories of the Holborn Viaduct ‘crypt’ store, it did phenomenal business and it’s position so near the city and Fleet Street was a huge bonus, it was where I purchased cases of the one off hit Taurino Dr Cosimo Salice Salentino 1982, as did many others after Capn Bob, not all bad, suggested filling your boots/trunk with it.

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mine may have been £30 pretty sure it was 82 vintage. And yes most expensive bottle I’d ever bought then. Mind you £15-25 got you a 1er Cru white burgundy back then too. I used to visit Laytons in Kings Cross.