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RIP Majestic


What of the shop(s) they rebranded to Naked?

I wonder if this was the plan all along…


From the public disclosures today it seems the focus for Naked Wines going forward is online sales and US expansion


Looking from the outside I must say that it has been the case that Naked has been the focus from day one of the amalgamation of the two businesses. Rowan clearly doesn’t believe there is a future for physical/shop based wine businesses.


I also note that the Majestic fine wine business is to be sold separately - probably good news for the L&W fans. Who will buy it I wonder.


Has there been any indication as to what they are planning for Lay and Wheeler? It’s only good news for L&W fans if L&W is going to continue to exist. Will it be sold along with Majestic, sold separately or be kept alongside Naked?


I saw the info here (I assume the fine wine arm of Majestic is L&W)


It actually also says…

It also confirmed that Lay & Wheeler would be sold separately.

…so that is pretty clear, and welcome :slight_smile:


So long as they get a buyer. However with L&W actually performing reasonably well that’s probably more likely than Majestic.


I’ve just recieved this email from Majestic. Not sure I quite understand what they’re saying here to be honest!

Majestic is here to stay!

Despite what you may have read recently, today we can confirm Majestic is set to remain an independent company and your store will remain open!

The feedback over the last few weeks we’ve received has been heartwarming and generous. I’ve received thousands of great stories about our people and how much you’ve enjoyed our wines. Our ambitions are to build on that, and be the #1 place to discover wine in the UK.

So, what does this mean for you, and all our customers?

We have four simple promises:

  1. We will make sure Majestic always has a range worthy of a specialist – exciting wines, that are priced fairly.
  2. Finding wines you love will be better than ever – more tastings, revamped stores and more recommendations tailored for you.
  3. You will have more ways to shop with us, that suit you – at your local store with our amazing people, online, or letting us do the work for you.
  4. The people you love will still be here to help you find your perfect wines.


For what it’s worth my bet is that they are worried all the current press will lose them customers and he’s gambling on a buyer being found to allow them to continue trading as is. So trying to put an optimistic spin on it.

“Majestic is set to remain an independent company” This comment intrigued me but I suppose it is technically correct in that, technically, it was Majestic that bought out Naked so they are ‘technically’ an independent company and then depending on who buys them they may still be independent.

I also wonder if they might be looking at a management buy out?


We got the exact same email. Mixed messages, or what! :thinking:
Sounds like a panicked reaction, though. Perhaps some stores will be kept open? Various people told me that the Brighton and Hove one, for example, isn’t going to be closed down - but I don’t know what this is based on. Perhaps wishful thinking.


Me too
Waiting for the discount on something decent :sunglasses:


“Majestic is set to remain an independent company”

I really don’t understand what this means - probably the intention! Does it mean they won’t sell it to another wine business such as say Laithwaites or Berry Brothers and Rudd? Or not to a retail multi? Or would they only sell to someone who had no other business? As it is I don’t get what they mean.


Tagged on to the ‘mixed messages’ is an invitation to go down and enjoy some fizz over the weekend!
Our Majestic here in Ludlow is a small one, and I assume from the Email is still staying open.
Ludlow - as typical in a small town - is a rumour factory, and one going round is that Tesco have bought Majestic!!
I will believe that when it happens. If all such came true we would now have 3 Mc D’s and 4 Greggs! Neither of which do we have.


I guess that just means branded independently.

Majestic undeniably has brand recognition, existing trade relationships, and prime locations; plenty of buyers for those.


Hopefully a reputable wine business I have a few bottles up there…:thinking:


It looks as though the Oddbins saga may have another twist with another! buy back of sorts

all extremely dubious and worth a read, the HMRC stated when revoking their licence that the parent company and the sister warehousing company were “not fit and proper persons to hold excise approvals because of the manner in which they conducted their duty suspended business”.
It seems they have lost “trust” with almost everyone.


I was chatting with the lady manning the Inverness Majestic store at the weekend and she stated that they had been told there were two bidders for the business as it stands. She seemed fairly optimistic that they will survive one way or another.


Still curious what happened to the store rebranded as naked, and what will happen to it!?


Like people being optimistic about the British economy post Brexit. Good luck with that :roll_eyes: