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RIP Majestic


When I joined the share cost £20 with new members getting £10 credit

It doubled at the time that a number of mutuals were privatising and paying dividends to members causing a ‘goldrush’ of speculators joining mutuals with the intention of getting a windfall when it de-mutualised.

Some mutuals changed their rules to say new members had to belong for x amount of time before becoming full members, as I recall TWS swiftly doubled membership to discourage speculators


Interesting, thanks for letting us know. Doubling to £40 to discourage speculation. What must the dividends have been?!?


The rules still specify that shares have a nominal value of £20.


Until recently the annual report’s last page had the current value of shares (by block of numbers). Their value increases over time. I understand the share can be bequeathed in ones will.