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Rioja's finest - offer May-June 2018



I just saw this Rioja offer come up, in case you have not spent all your money on the recent EP offer.

There is some seriously tempting stuff in there. I might check out a mixed case to fill the Rioja shaped hole in my wine education. Tempted?


Ohhhhhh yes! There are some wines on there I haven’t come across before which could be very interesting to try. Though whether to go for the strictly traditional (my favourites) or branch out a bit (you never know) could be a challenge. I may have to go for both…

I also see there’s a very good offer on Hambledon sparkler by the half dozen. Also a rosé offer though I haven’t looked at that one yet.


I was lucky enough to join Pierre in Rioja back in February where we tasted the majority of these wines and sniffed out a few new discoveries. I definitely recommend the El Pacto Crianza as a new find and the Contino Graciano 2015 is absolutely ridiculous.

There will be a Travels in Wine coming out shortly with a bit more information/suggestions as well.


This has got some great reviews in the Spanish press:


I’m really keen to try this , is it worth the price tag in your opinion ?


This and the Graciano caught my eye, but at the price the Graciano is a no… this on the other hand…


I purchased this today from Costco for £20 per btl 2004 vintage.


I can drink Tondonia until the cows come home :joy: And that’s a great price.

@szaki1974 I can not wait to get my hands on the CVNE Monopole.

I reckon it will be worth the money. If only for the ‘unique’ factor.


Oh great they’ve got the 2015 Contino Vina Del Olivio! 2015 is meant to be a beast of a vintage for Rioja - The Muga people all raves about it when we went there last year.


2015 is a fabulous year with incredible concentration. They are surprisingly approachable now but will require a lot of cellaring before they’re at their best. The Vina del Olivio needs 15 years IMHO.


I can confirm it’s amazing. Get a case of six and drink a bottle a year - it’ll be fascinating to see those nutty sherry flavours come through. At the moment it’s fresh, salty and elegant but still a little shy.


Aargh! Just too many great offers around right now. Considering Musar 2010, Contino 935, Bordeaux 2016 stocks and 2017 options, and then this Rioja one too.

Like a kid in a sweet shop with not quite enough pocket money :neutral_face:

Need to make some choices where the benefits are still years away! What are others doing to balance this out?


I’m going to have to be very selective as I’m traveling a lot for work and I don’t have that many opportunities to drink all I buy. Definitely getting the CVNE Monopole, it’s been a long time coming and there is great excitement about it in Spain as it recovers a style that has been lost for a long time.

Also getting this:

Not many 100% Garnachas from la Rioja going around so surely it must be interesting to contrast it to the more popular Navarra or Gredos options.


Rioja Blancos have come a long way since those oxidised “orange” days, I am looking forward to opening one of these bottles I brought back from the winery…


I find I can resist everything but temptation- good luck :wink:


I do like my white Rioja and looking for an excuse to open this mini vertical some day soon


Very impressive. You could Coravin a vertical…


Robert that’s impressive!


I was hoping for some of the Tondonia Gran Reservas to be included (especially the white), but no such luck!


This thread led me to check what Spanish wines were on offer and I found the Contino 935 en primeur offer (even though TWS has previously promised to let me know about all Italian and Spanish en primeur offers).
I am sorry to see it is an own label offer rather than Contino as sold by everyone else. Sadly, much of the off trade is going own brand perhaps so that we consumers can’t compare prices.
Looking round, I find I can get older vintages of Contino (e.g Reserva 2011 at £20) for less than 935 will be and without the wait. May well be an inferior vintage but we can’t all wait forever!