Rioja's finest area?!

Astonished to see the assertion that Rioja Alavesa is the finest Rioja area. Might be worth considering the relative merits of the Alavesa Bodegas other than Marques de Riscal and Artadi, with Bodegas La Rioja Alta, Muga, Lopez de Heredia, Martinez Lacuesta, CVNE and Murrieta. Last time I looked Haro and Logrono were not in Alavesa but Alta.

I am sure that Sacramento will prove to be a lovely, possibly great wine but does it need such sweeping rhetoric to sell it - consigning wines that have consistently been acclaimed as great over long decades to a second tier of quality. Perhaps it does? Hmm

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Something I’ve learnt over the years is that special parcels of wine, promoted via an excited email from TWS, usually disappoint and are best avoided.

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I went to Rioja at the end of the Summer and got the impression that Alavesa was the place to be for these small single vineyard ethos type modern wineries. Artadi has plans to have about seven different red wines all from individual plots in Alavesa. However I agree that Alta will always have some of the most iconic names.

Ref @Richard comment - I’m in two minds, I have been disappointed by an excited email before but also got some good wine. Ultimately I’m a pessimist (or a realist depending on your outlook on life) and always question why someone is explicitly trying to flog something. Either way I do love Rioja…however £39 is steep.

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‘…Either way I do love Rioja…however £39 is steep…’

And hardly any bottle age either, which you would normally get for that price. I’d much rather have the '09 Remelluri for the same money.

Quite. Telmo Rodriguez is one of the great modern generation of winemakers in Rioja., Up there with Alvaro Palacios in my opinion.

Hi Chris,

We fully take your point and thank you for raising it. The intention was to convey that this area produces a particularly fine-flavoured, precise style of tempranillo; of course upon reflection this shouldn’t have been phrased as emphatically (and thus ambiguously) as it was, and there was no intention to be disrespectful to the many superb bodegas of Rioja Alta, including those you name.

I’d also hate for anyone reading this to be put off trying El Sacramento - I was lucky enough to taste it a couple of times last week and it really is a fantastic wine :slight_smile: Thanks again

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This topic tempts me to compare taste it with the Remelluri mentioned, both in the basket now.