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Rioja offers in 2018


Anyone from TWS have any insight on when there might next be a Rioja offer?

Also not very aware of the offer cycle for Rioja vs typical French EP offers for example.

Can anyone explain how it works given longer vintage to retail life cycle?


Hi! The first part of the question is easy: there’s a very tempting premium Rioja offer in the pipeline for late May :slight_smile:
Just checking for a little info via a colleague before getting back to you on the rest - watch this space!


That’s exactly what I wanted to hear; I got my first email today about Bordeaux 2017 (!) and it reminded me of my resolution last year to redirect any EP spending from Bordeaux into Rioja…I did this with partial success last year - I couldn’t resist buying something from the Bordeaux 2016 offer so my overall spend just went up; I’m hoping to show more backbone this year.

Still very keen to have the cycle of offers put into context - are we up to a particular year or does it depend and if so on what?


Rioja EP always seems to be very specific batches of wine, I am assuming the buyer finds irresistible on tasting from barrel or blended for the specific purpose. Rioja is not offered EP systematically the way as Rhone, Burgundy or Bordeaux. I would also be interested if this pattern will change.


I should clarify that I’m not talking about Rioja EP - I recall a fairly good answer on why that doesn’t happen much (anyone?); just interested in how different vintages come to the market (non-EP); is there any method to it?


Sorry, I am clearly too obsessed with EP right now.


Good shout - I love Rioja and have indulged with a couple of TWS EP listings and other offers in recent years but wish there were more!

Berry Bros & Rudd have a good selection.


Interesting, I find that quite often I don’t get email or paper correspondence regarding “certain” offers etc…
I wonder is this some form of algorithm which determines who to target and for what offers …


It was not from TWS…


That would be why then :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


As promised! These offers do indeed move around a bit (last year’s equivalent to the May one I mentioned was in August for example) and the other parts of your query go some way to explaining why: firstly, of course, there isn’t a region-wide en primeur campaign a la the big French regions. However, as @szaki1974 rightly points out, we have been offering some en primeur Rioja on a single-wine basis over the past few years from suppliers where we’ve been able to chalk our name on a barrel of something rather special. We’ve got just such a thing en route soon, but can’t give too much away just yet :wink:

Secondly, as you also point out, there’s the longer vintage-to-retail cycle and the fact that different bodegas often release vintages at different times. This, combined with our keeping stocks policy, means Pierre is able to put our selections together from an enviable array of different vintages and we can be more flexible on the timings vs some other regions - all to ensure all our different packs of offers cover a good range of styles and prices. Hope this goes some way to answer your question!


It might have been this one from me:


Or perhaps someone else writing about the same topic. Having lived and worked in Spain many times and for many years, I’m pretty sure EP is not about to take off as a generalised, structured, annual activity. So we’re going to have to live with individual arrangements with willing producers. Fortunately we (@PierreM, rather) are getting better and better at that.


The bodegas decide when to release when they believe the right amount of bottle age has been achieved, so rarely do bodegas release at the same time, and some GR are held back for quite some years before release.