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Rioja Offer

Some of the usual suspects (i.e. gems)


If I were buying cases at the moment I’d be tempted by the LRA Arana. I’d like a bottle or two of Cubillo for the rack as well but I doubt it will last until I’m putting in my next order! Putting on the wishlist nonetheless.


Bank balance says no, but I’d love to give Contino Mazuelo, Rioja 2018 a try! Maybe if it’s still there by the time I’ve recovered from booking holiday.


I got excited with the email saying new vintages but Cubillo and Tondonia are the same as last year, I can’t put even more bottles into reserve can I?

Or maybe wait for the 874 ….???

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What about the 2016 VR Gran Reserva?
Need to check on the price versus previous vintages in these inflationary times.


2010 was £20/bottle.

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Now £27 a bottle for Ardanza …… it wasn’t that long ago they were £20 each :see_no_evil:.


As age-worthy fine wines go this still represents an absolute steal. The problem comes when comparing Spanish prices with Spanish prices. I don’t think there’s anywhere on earth consistently knocks out such high quality wine in such volume for such low prices, so they are still significantly underpriced for the quality bracket they sit in.

The CVNE Monopole also catches the eye for much the same reason. (And Ardanza may not be cheap anymore, but it’s still a lot of wine for the money, admittedly the change in style doesn’t appeal as much to me as previously).


Yes, the inflation on this one has been savage - no doubt partly down to the switch to GR labelling.


Agreed, with the Ardanza you get a lot for your money. I’m still drinking some 2001 that I bought ages ago and it’s magnificent - better than wines multiple times the price. Buy it now, stick it away and I don’t think you’ll regret it.


Ardanza has still been £20 via Majestic as recent as April this year but it is creeping up for sure.

TWS price for this guy was £28 vs £46 which was impressive from TWS

Post Brexit is not Kansas any more :frowning:

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That’s the more expensive GR Arana too? not the Ardanza

Ah carraovejas - a real favourite that has been on our shopping list every year. First encountered in front bar of a restaurant in Segovia - back in 1998 or thereabouts.

Wheeled out my Spanish to ask what the “tinto de la Casa” was and where I could buy it… to find it was not then available retail (private vineyard co-owned by the restaurant). Imho a great wine, and personally super evocative.

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The Ardanza 2012 has certainly been available for £20 chez Majestic. The 2015 has only recently become available but generally for more than that. £27 is quite an increase on the norm for this wine. I wonder if it will become the norm however.

You are of course right - I had mis-read @Leah original post.