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Rieussec 2019 - New Packaging

Well that is very handy. Thanks for the link. It lead me to this one

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Having just pulled a mixed case of 2011 Sauternes halves from reserves, including 2 x Rieussec, that’s very good to hear !

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It probably is a bit of desperation yeah. Whatever they’re doing at the moment is clearly not working and they’ve obviously decided that they can’t keep going as is. I don’t think it’s as nonsensical as it looks to go off in such a completely different direction from the rest of the market given the enormous volumes they’re competing with.

I actually don’t hate the new design as much as others seem to, and alienating your current market isn’t as much of a risk if that market isn’t buying anything or waiting for it to go on sale 10 years down the line.

Price point bonkers though, doesn’t make sense to me at all.

My favourite wine of the entire blind tasting of 2011s, including all the famous red first growths such as Chx Lafite, Latour and Mouton, was Ch Suduiraut Sauternes

A wry smile formed on my face. I bought a case of full and a case of halves for less than EP price a few years ago :smiley:

Agreed - I have been buying Rieussec by the case for a long time now. They periodically tried to hold out on price but one way or another market forces prevail and I have never paid more than £35 per bottle DP. With the sumptuous 1999 available at £25 a bottle in bond, the only challenge is to find fellow Sauternes / Barsac lovers to buy by the case… I think Rieussec would be better served by going for a radical pricing strategy into the on trade to build demand for dessert wine. Thrown into sharper relief as I type with a first glass of wine Society Ch Chantegril 2018 beside me - of course less nuanced but such a light clear honey hit at at £15 (?) a bottle. Delicious


Looks as though the 2019 has now released - 4x 75cl @ £340 IB (£105 per bottle duty paid)

It’s a bold strategy so I’ll be interested to see how fast these 12 cases go….

I have never seen this new packaging in France. Not sure they’d have the nerve. Personally I think it’s a joke. But not a good one.

Certainly seem to be chasing a new market segment with both the design and pricing!!