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I need suggestions for current purchase

Do you have a preference of style or budget in mind?


That covers quite a wide range of style and price! Are you looking for something fruitier, or more mineral? Dry, off-dry or sweet? Drinking now, or for ageing? Cheaper, or more expensive? New World or Old World?


The whole range from Donhoff is always a good place to start, on the advice from someone who knows a lot more about wine than me.


Or ring up and see if they have any of the RS range available.

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This is very good for the price. TWS blurb is spot on.


From time to time I buy Rieslings and Spatburgunders from the Wine Barn,

who are ever-so helpful and prompt. A while ago and not knowing much about Baden or Ahr PNs I asked them to put together a mixed half case of their choice which was a huge success. I’m sure they would do similarly for rieslings which will then allow you to find what your preference is.

I used to prefer the sweeter Spatlese and Kabinetts but now I stick to Trockens - each to their own.

Riesling is the noblest of all white wine grape varietals