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Riesling .... Happy Birthday


Any one from this producer in Brauneberg

Or this Alsace producer we found at a Lille wine fair

Their GC vendanges tardive is a stunner.


Alsatian :joy:
Before it was mindblowingly expensive I had a case of Clos St Hune from TWS - sadly all gone.


Fritz Willi Riesling 2016 ,


The most petrolly one in a blind tasting.

Otherwise, none!


JJ Prum 1995 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese, finished a case a couple of years ago, loads of evolving pleasure from the turn of the millennium to 2016.


I think Australia does some great Rieslings, especially with some kerosene notes and very long lives.
I like Peter Lehman’s, most of the Clare Valley and some of the Tasmanian wines.
The WS has :