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Riesling .... Happy Birthday


Any one from this producer in Brauneberg

Or this Alsace producer we found at a Lille wine fair

Their GC vendanges tardive is a stunner.


Alsatian :joy:
Before it was mindblowingly expensive I had a case of Clos St Hune from TWS - sadly all gone.


Fritz Willi Riesling 2016 ,


The most petrolly one in a blind tasting.

Otherwise, none!


JJ Prum 1995 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese, finished a case a couple of years ago, loads of evolving pleasure from the turn of the millennium to 2016.


I think Australia does some great Rieslings, especially with some kerosene notes and very long lives.
I like Peter Lehman’s, most of the Clare Valley and some of the Tasmanian wines.
The WS has :


Willi Schaefer is my top estate followed by JJ.


My current favourite is Keller Von der Fels from the affordable end of their range. Also like JJ Prum and Clemens Busch, the latter have a beautiful range of dry Rieslings.