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Riesling .... Happy Birthday


“Wines of Germany” have declared today the 13th of March the official birthday of Riesling.
Not that I need anymore excuses to drink Reisling as I really enjoy it, we now have a day to celebrate it .
What is your favourite Riesling ?

Weekend Drinking Thread [15-17 March 2019]


just give me any


Yesterday?! Drink up!


The drier and more petroly the better.

The Mac Forbes RS19 the Society had last summer was incredible, I regret not laying one away to see how it ages. Hope they stock it again!


I’m in @JulianFox’s camp! :+1:

I agree! A gorgeous, well-balanced lime cordial symphony!

Love virtually any Trimbach and Hugel ones, too! :heart_eyes:


:woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:! I have Children, they’ve ruined my brain :brain::woozy_face:!


I literally have just the one laid away :wink:.


This was spectacular.

Unfortunately, it’s only made in great vintages so I haven’t been able to buy any more as they haven’t made any since 2014. :disappointed:


That made me smile. Yet another attempt by the riesling publicity machine to drum up interest for this, admittedly, under appreciated grape.

I drink more wines made from riesling than anything else, red or white. Can’t pick a single wine but style wise I do love a German kabinett. Mosel or Saar are the usual suspects, if push came to shove, probably from around Brauneberg or Wiltingen.

I could drink them for breakfast.


did you drink too much Riesling to realise it was yesterday ?!? :wink:


Ive never tried a Riesling, but do have one in my wine cooler.

Any opinions on this one ?

2015 Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Gelblack trucken.



This wine:

Oh yes!!

…and amazing value, possibly the best priced fine wine on the planet.


And yes I agree, a marketing wheeze if ever. I for one am happy with the current situation whereby beautiful wines are in ready supply on mortal means.


Appropriately I went to a big tasting of German wine yesterday.

No surprise, the best wines on offer were JJ Prum. Also amazing Rieslings from Haag, Weiser-Kunstler and Donnhoff. The £23 being asked by TWS for this is a steal


Just discovered that there were 11 of the wine I mentioned left, so I put six, and six of the other Prum Spatlese, into my reserves. Yum.


Same here. For the most part they are still ridiculously undervalued. Great for me as a drinker but I do feel sorry for the growers. Especially in Germany where so many of the vineyards are so difficult to work.

The Donnhoff wine you picked is gorgeous.


Although I haven’t tried a wine from Schloss Johannisberg in many a year. For what it’s worth, if it was mine, I’d broach it sooner rather than later.

Dry Germanv rieslings can sometimes be austere ( and therefore not to everyone’s tatse ) but It’s from a wonderful vintage so it should be a bit richer than the norm and less divisive as a result.


Love riesling, spend more money on (mainly German) rieslings than any other varietal. I just love the subtle and sometimes marked differences between different expressions of the grape.


Definitely my favourite grape. I’ll echo others that it has so many different forms, yet seems to retain its varietal character across these far more than other chameleonic grapes like chardonnay.

As for a favourite - so hard. But this one is right up there:

And tonight, we’re going to drink this:


My long-term favourite is The Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Riesling Auslese. The first vintage I remember tasting was the 1976. My favourite probably 1983.