Ridge Zinfandels 2020

The new vintage of the Ridge Zinfandels are now available as a mixed case:


At £238, an increase of £14 from last year.


I noticed this earlier and was planning to do the comparison at some point - thanks for getting there first! That’s not too bad a hike all things considered. Unfortunately, I think I’m at peak wine for now - having spent far too much money in the first forty days of the year. Shame, as have 2016 through to 2019, but going to pass on this vintage.

These are great wines IMO. Particularly the Geyserville. I think the price rise could of been a lot worse given the USD.

Thanks, @rmvb2. Six pack duly ordered.

The bottles are not available individually, unfortunately, otherwise I’d have missed out the East Bench. I have been a long time advocate that Zin is better together with some complementary varieties rather than as a varietal. All the same, its pretty good :grinning:


Likewise many thanks. Case ordered, along with 6x bottles of the Pagani Ranch 2019.

Do we think this is the pre-cursor to releasing individual cases, which normally occurs? Holding off buying the mixed case as hoping to pick up some Geyserville…

Great wines. Shame the Beni Dusi is not included in there.

All gone already!

Luckily I managed to secure an order but it’s only down to this thread and the helpful heads-up by @rmvb2 (thanks ++)

I mention this as there has been a forum thread about the recent explosion of TWS email shots about this and that offer, usually daily, the vast majority of which are of no interest, but I haven’t stopped them… just in case.

But, despite the fact that I usually try and buy this “traditionally-offered” mixed 6 I received no email notification from TWS about this !!

Just don’t understand the TWS raison-d’être here. Did anyone else get an email notification of this offer, this time around ?

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Not me wish I had.

Possibly sometimes the numbers available are so small that they don’t warrant an email. At least there is no argument about who got the email first, too late, and so on. Some wines are simply sure to sell regardless of marketing efforts.

Isn’t there an email algorithm where if you fit the bill you get the email …??

No email here either- Ridge has been an annual WS purchase for me, but only this thread has preserved that record (assuming I do not get my first experience of OOS, given I opted to send it to reserves)

Box delivered today. On opening I found 3 Prum Mosel Rieslings. Phoned CS; the Ridge 6 pack is now OOS.

I’ve decided to get 6 Ridge Pagani Ranch Zins instead…

CS very apologetic and good, but even they cannot produce wine they don’t have.

@PHarvey - let’s hope you get what you ordered. To answer your question, I try to buy the Ridge six pack (or Lytton Springs & Geyserville) if available separately every year and I didn’t get an email. This forum and the eagle eyes of @rmvb2 alerted me.

I just happened to see it shortly after it was added to the site. It was initially listed as out of stock, but there was an option to request email notification when it was back in stock. I duly received the email notification the next day and ordered a case before alerting the Community. The back in stock email notification is a great addition to the site.

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Doesn’t sound too promising, I ordered mine after your post. I scheduled delivery for next Saturday so I’ll be chewing my finger nails until then !!

The Lytton Springs and Geyserville are now available individually.


Packs of 12.

The Ridge six pack is back in stock. And the Lytton Springs and Geyserville are both available individually as well.

For those who want some, to store in Reserves to boot, but don’t necessarily want a dozen of each, remember you can mix a case yourself. That is what I did with the 2019 vintage with 3 each of the Lytton Springs and the Geyserville. Cases of 12 don’t hold much appeal for me and certainly not for pricier wine.