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Ridge Zinfandels 2019

I see that Geyserville and Lytton Springs latest Vintages have landed.


Price same as last year which is a pleasant surprise.

Have used new flexibility in the Reserves policy to place 3 of each into a case of 6.


Gah. 2x cases ordered within 15 minutes of seeing this. I suppose I just submitted tax return, so some form of reward seemed appropriate.

Thanks for flagging… a regular purchase when it comes around.


I just paid £££££ over the phone to HMRC to settle mine.
Put a mixed case into reserves that didn’t cheer me up :weary:


I still have the tax payment to make…… that is a job for another day

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Aha, been waiting for these. And a nice surprise indeed that the price has held. Some Lytton Springs coming my way, to extend my vertical to 9 vintages :slight_smile:


Thanks for flagging and re-affirming that Q1 spend is on the up…:
Reserve Cask Whisky #3 :white_check_mark:
Rhone EP :ballot_box_with_check: *
Burgundy EP :ballot_box_with_check: *
Barolo EP :ballot_box_with_check: *
Ridge 2019: :ballot_box_with_check: *

*Blue ticks being a spend opportunity that inevitably won’t be missed


Thanks @GWills

I’ve not been quick enough in the past; thanks to you I have now secured some Geyserville


and another a reward case!

3 of each ordered to reserves too. As @peterm has said in the past, who’m I will echo, the blends taste taste so much better than the single varietals e.g. East Bench


I really like Ridge wines. Are they worth £40 a bottle?

This is a slightly spurious question as I generally buy a few, but it does seem a lot. Maybe I’ve just been buying them for too long.

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I’m in a similar spot - think I used to pay £25 for the Lytton Springs and similar for the Geyersville but that was about 15 years ago :open_mouth:

Great wines but for some reason I find it harder to spend £40 on them even that is only an increase of a pound a year.

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They’re not as egregiously priced as some other wines that are made in the USA…and I think prices have remained fairly consistent; I paid ~£115 for 3 of the 2016s and 2017s … (not sure about 2018s).

I hadn’t planned for it, but doesn’t undermine my 2022 wine goals, so have requested a mixed 6 in reserves.

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This is it. It seems quite a reach for a wine that I mentally put at around thirty quid, I mean that’s the price for the kind of wine it is quality wise.

This is the other side of it which also feels true, American wines are expensive/overpriced, and Ridge is at the cheaper end of the high class ones.


I bought a mixed case back in 2015 - when they were more like £25/bottle. I’m very happy I bought them, they’re one of those bottles that makes it feel like a bit of an occasion… but, there are plenty of other wines around (and at more like the original price point) that will outpoint them for complexity and length.

I have one left, but pretty sure it will be my last.


A mixed case including the East Bench is now available:



Shame they didnt put that together first. Oh well. Not to worry.

Thanks for this. I’ve ordered the mixed 6 as I’ve done on previous recent vintages. Shame the Montebello itself is priced out of reach (north of £200 a bottle these days…)

@Kelly It seems the individual bottles have been put in the USA section but not the mixed case!


New Zealand ??

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Thanks for pointing this out. I had missed it! Added a mixed 6 to my reserves now.