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Riches of the Rhone: Growers Tasting [February 2019]



I have signed up for this tasting and am really looking forward to it. Given the line up in last year’s tasting was extraordinary (I heard). Hope to see some of you there.

Just wanted to also ask whether there will be any masterclasses and if so when would these be announced. (@Tim_S)


Tempting! Quite an early start, but I see it’s a walkaround so assume it’s not a problem if we can’t get there at 5.30?


I’m attending this! Any advice on what route to go lightest to heaviest with north/south whites/reds?


Worth noting that this tasting (London) is now sold out, waiting list only. :cry: Leeds on the 19th still available.

@Nowt_in_my_glass I’d be tempted to go with whites first and then North to South on the reds, but not sure how it will be arranged on the night. Would guess it’s arranged by grower given the blurb. When I’ve done these sorts of tastings in the past the key thing to be aware of is palate weariness (even when spitting everything) - so if you have specific growers or wines you really want to appreciate then forget the above advice and target those first.


Thanks @Alchemist. Yes I’ve attended the alsace grower tasting which was excellent and in the format you suggest. Yes this is it, but more to ensure the next wine along doesn’t taste like water compared to the previous. @Tim_S any chance of putting suggestions of a route in amongst the tasting notes please? :grin:


It is an early start for a weekday, even though it is sold out, anyone who even works in London could not get there before 6.30 earliest, why so early, great venue though.


I’m signed up for the Leeds tasting the day after if anyone’s planning to go there - surprised there’s still tickets available!


Last year, I made a day of it and had a late lunch beforehand. It was a very cold and snowy day. The train were stopped at 9pm, so we had to be sharpest leaving.


Not able to attend this one.
But based on my recent burgundy EP tasting, I would advise to eat something solid before the tasting , and drink plenty of water during (even bring your own bottle)… and obviously spit everything :smile:


They arranged the tasting north to south last year. I am not going this year but if I was I would be tempted to get a couple of the northern reds poured and give them 5 - 10 minutes in the glass. A couple of wines were very tannic when first opened


Hi all. Very briefly as about to present our Wine Confidence Course in Nottingham:

Line up - As I’ve been out on the road the last 3 days and my colleague Emma is coordinating this event with Marcel I’m not fully up to speed with the exact line up but will update you ASAP.

Masterclasses - not for this event unfortunately. I’m very keen to offer these at as many Grower tastings as possible but they are venue, buyer and producer dependent and in this instance the ducks weren’t aligned.

Tasting Order - we now provide some tasting order options for every tasting. We don’t always include these in the booklets to avoid having 300 people following each other like an under 6 soccer match but just ask one of our team and we will be glad to help. Also note that you’ll get the booklets emailed to you at least 4 days in advance of the tasting so you’ll be able to plot your own route if that’s your preferred method.

Timings - I thought 5.30 was a strange time to start an event when I first started but experience has proven me wrong. More on that in the next couple of days but one of the benefits of this type of tasting is you can come and go as you please.


Am I just imagining it, or did the venue change for this process since I bought the ticket? I think a heads up to those who already bought tickets on such changes would be very welcome. Hope not too many people go to Westminster…


Yes there was a venue change.

I thought there had already been an email sent confirming that but I will look into that as it sounds like you may not have received that.

We also have a communication plan for the two weeks prior to the event to ensure that everyone is fully informed and plans are in place if people do turn up to OGGS by mistake.