Ribera del Duero - Gran Reserva offer email

I know the TWS email offers don’t always reach everyone, but thought it might be good if those that do receive them continue to share them here for the info/benefit of the community. I’ve created the “TWS Offers” tag to try to make these easier to find in the future. Anyway today’s emailed offer…

Recently I was offered a parcel of something very special: a fully mature gran reserva from Ribera del Duero’s great estate, Viña Pedrosa.

We are able to offer this outstanding 13-year-old wine at around 60% cheaper than more recent vintages as the Pascuas family needed to free up some precious cellar space. Knowing this was a deal too good to miss, and thanks to our long-term relationship with Pedrosa, we were therefore able to negotiate a fantastic price for members.

Aged to perfection and utterly unmissable
We have been consistently impressed with the wines from this great estate, including the very popular Cepa Gavilan Crianza, which has been a fixture of our Lists for some time. This, however, is their top wine; and after over a decade of ageing gracefully in the family’s cellars, it shows the remarkable quality of the estate and just how well the wines mature in bottle.

This is a special, one-off offer for Society members – do take advantage!



Must have been as fast as the Chave!

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Wow! I got the email at 12:05…!! Was just checking prices and reviews of other vintages, but did look great value. Seems many others thought so too!

The 2005 vintage doesn’t appear to be available from any suppliers on Wine-Searcher, will be interesting to see if that changes?


Wow, this went fast - but not to worry! We’ve managed to snap up some more stock for you, so you can now back-order it if you want (tagging @WineDoc so you’re aware!):

It’s not due in with us for a while as it’ll take a few weeks to reach us, but at least if you back-order it you’ve got something to look forward to in September… :smiley:


Woohoo! (And that vexing typo in the first line of the tasting note will be amended soon as well :wink: )


Thank you so much for sharing this. Really good of you.


So yet again TWS emails miss me.

It’s all gone.

I check their website a couple of times a day, check here and when I’m out playing tennis thus comes up and it all gone.

What have I to do to get the emails?

Ps Pedrose is a favourite which I’ve brought and reviewed on the website.

It’s still showing as available? Just bought a case

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So whilst I still want to get these e mails. I have just managed to buy the wine. It showed up as sold out before I posted above, then some 20 minutes later it was back in stock. I can’t explain that as clearly TWS is closed for the night. Still looking forward to them.

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Glad that worked out for you :+1:

Can’t change the email system, but at least if we’re consistent with flagging the offers here then hopefully genuine members and enthusiasts will get in early!


Showing up as gone now :weary:!

Still available this morning @Leah

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That’s odd ! It’s showing up as sold out when I search for it . I’ll try doing it through the email and see what happens .

Wow, sold out twice in double quick time.

Maybe I’ll bring a bottle to the next Hawksmoor lunch…


Have just been on to member services and they have refreshed the site ! So if you want some do it now . I’ve just got a case on back order .

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Thanks, Leah!! Yes, as far as I understand, we are continuing to try to find more stock which is why the back-order keeps coming back and disappearing again.

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Yes last night at about 9 it was sold out, hence my post above. Then 20 minutes later back in stock. this morning walking the dog out of stock. I check again, back in stock. Ok I order some last night, but most strange.

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From the email: ‘We are able to offer this outstanding 13-year-old wine at around 60% cheaper than more recent vintages as the Pascuas family needed to free up some precious cellar space’

So where are you finding more from?

We helped them free up some cellar space, but didn’t take all the stock (I don’t think we anticipated it being this popular!), so we were able to go back and get some more!