Rhone Rangers v2


I had a crack at this one a week or so ago.

Delicious, once it was given a few moments to gather itself…


Have resisted opening most of my 2019s so far, but I did open a Domaine Cayron back in February as “research” for the 2021 EP and really enjoyed it.

Tonight we nearly opened a 2019 Gigondas Petite Gardette but at the last minute switched to a Vacqueyras with a bit more age, with no regrets.


I’ve been enjoying the Clusel Traboules too, apart from one dodgy bottle. Interesting to hear about the l’Arzelle I think I have some of those somewhere.

I’ve sampled several…,…

Bout d’Zan, had half the case as it’s such a good early drinker.

Domaine L’Abbe Dine. Cotes du Rhone…again very complete, fruit to the fore. Balanced.

Domaine Maby, Lirac Nessum Dorma…this one could probably do with more time. It’s a big wine, and was good, but I think there will be more to come.

Domaine des Escaravailles, Rasteau, Argilla ad Argillam, quite a mouthful, name and wine. I was surprised how forward this was, and not too heavy, lot of fruit and pretty smooth. Sipping not quaffing though. Second bottle had a little whiff of cork taint I thought. I gave one away too. Still 3 left.

Ogier, La Rosine. Have drunk 2 of 6. Surprised how forward it was. Little tannin, bright clear fruit. Linear. Enjoyed both a lot. About as far from Yellowtail Shiraz as it is possible to be in all respects.

Still got St Joseph (Gaillard), Crozes (Rousset -Picaudieres) and Vacqueyras (Clos de Cazaux) untouched.


I would add Mont Redon Lirac. Not sure who it was, but somebody on here prompted me to take out 3 of my 12 in May, and they are very much good to go.


Thanks for these - very interesting.

Good to hear. I have a case in reserves. I enjoyed the 2016 a lot. But I haven’t started my 2018s yet and I picked up a 2017 which appeared on the list recently. Better crack on.