Rhone Rangers v2

We had a 2014 just before Christmas. I thought it was much at its best with food, and not too cold. Unfortunately I don’t have a younger one for comparison.

Guigal produce 5 Saint-Joseph’s to my knowledge - three red and two white. There is a red Lieu Dit as well as the white. There is then a “ regular” red and white - the red now produced in huge volume - 200,000 plus bottles. There is also a Vignes de l’Hospice red.

I note that TWS reserves info does store Alcohol level which is very useful - you have to click through to the wine itself but it is there. It would be more useful if it were displayed upfront, or if the .csv download function would also pick up this field (anywhere I can make that suggestion?).

So turns out I have 42 bottles of 15% and above from the Rhone, and a further 18 from Italy (Fontodi VdSorbo the main culprit).

Worryingly, there are then 230+ with 14.5%, the Rhone accounts for 50%, Bordeaux 33%. There is just a single bottle of Burgudy in the list, good old Pinot Noir! There are two whites, some Climens which I think will be OK, and then some Jura from Tissot which might also be OK - I have no experience.

Does anyone know how I can get this data from L&W? Seems not to be shown.


Here it is: https://www.thewinesociety.com/product/the-societys-exhibition-hermitage-blanc-2015

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I guess with the upcoming (at some stage, presumably!) sliding duties on alcohol, all retailers will have to get smarter on ABV data. You should try the Cheverny I just posted on.

A year to the day the Ep was released ……

Was thinking yesterday about how little buzz there is about Rhone EP 2021. Is it just the vintage or also the current economic situation?

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Combination probably reading JLL latest notes today the society stalwarts sainte cosme are down a star


Meant to be good for the whites, I think. Also been looking at JLL. Gripa St. Peray Figuires is top of my wish list.

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it should not be too long before the 2021 EP starts now I expect?

I too have been looking at JLL and have my eye on the Gripa St. Peray Figuires as well. Looks to be a good year for whites, which is where I am certainly lacking in reserves. The other I have my eye on at a cheaper level is the Domaine de l’Oratoire Cairanne Réserve des Seigneurs white. Not rated yet, but consistently 4/4.5* in recent times and was £52/6 in the 2020 EP.

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