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Rhone Rangers v2

If anyone out there has any 2018 Candives left, now is a good time to get stuck in.
Delicious, like an alcoholic blueberry mouse. Fruity, rich & smooth as silk. Pleasant low level of acidity, barely noticable tanins.
Great now & my limited experience with this wine would suggest it’s not one for long keeping.


Good to know! Have to say I wasn’t fussed on my first three bottles, but maybe I jumped in too soon. They were okay, just a bit simple and a little bitter on the finish and I guess not the syrah bargain I was hoping for. But maybe my expectations were skewed.

Anyway, I’m probably going to take out the last three as part of my next pre-invoice reserves clearout :wine_glass:


It had come on leaps and bounds leveling out since finishing our first 6 about a year ago. It’s certainly not a complex cerebral wine, but rather its beauity lies in it’s simplicity and an almost featherweight lightness which i hadn’t expected. However along with the blueberry fruit and a touch of tapenade something else was present on the pallet we couldn’t quite put our fingers on…Mrs D said cheese, I said soap. No discernable bitterness on the finish.
Really wasn’t expecting anything too grand, and happily it exceeded what we were hoping for.

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Anybody read the jancis Robinson reviews of the upcoming Rhone Ep 2021 ……??

Yes…it’s not exactly making me change my view that I can take a back seat this year, for the Southern reds anyway. Sounds like a very mixed bag, with some decent ones as always but lighter wines for earlier drinking seems to be most optimistic message. Not sure I want to buy 6 of anything in a reasonable price range “blind”.


Exactly …. Very little scores more than 16

Completely agree - the usual suspects, Clos des Papes & Beaucastel, are standing out from the South but very little else so far. JR has yet to publish the reports on the Northern Rhone in 2021 but JLL seems to be positive on quite a few of them.

Though from what I’ve read, if you like Clos des Papes, backfilling the 2019 is where the value lies.


I think it is also worth noting that these 2 producers weren’t tasted blind like the rest. I’m not saying they aren’t (or won’t be) good but it just makes me a little suspicious. Would be better if all were on an even playing field I would have thought…

I’m in the same boat as @MarkC , doesn’t shout ‘must-buy’. In fact, it kinda screams ‘hard pass’


I suspect I’ll be getting some Domaine de Trevallon and Clape Cornas, and not a huge amount more

Not even whites?

Whites are a good call. I don’t have enough age worthy white in reserves, so could be tempted, especially if (like last time) there are any available in 3 packs.

Last time round I largely sat it out but then ended up picking up a couple of 6 packs of top wines from the left over list. I suspect it will be a similar strategy this time.

On the topic of the '21 vintage: Davy’s ran its '21 Rhone EP tasting on Wednesday - very sad showing for the vintage, both N and S Rhone. Reds particularly. They showcased the new vintage alongside the corresponding wine from a recent vintage (between '15 and '20) which only served to emphasise how poor last year was.

On the bright side, Clusel Roch Les Schistes '17 is showing really well and Colombier wasn’t a producer I’d tried before but I was really taken with their '18 Hermitage and Cuvee Gaby blanc


Yes, I noticed that too…call me a bit cynical if you like…

I also find that my palate for Rhone is less harmonised with the more recent reviewers on JR site. When Jancis and Julia did them, my views seemed to accord much more with theirs than the last two reviewers.

Possible I might buy the odd bottle down the line, or even a 6 case of one of my regular good value ones. The wording for the Clos des Cazaux Vacqueyras is positive even if the score is average, and it’s always reliable and good value I find.


Good info, thanks. I’ve bought Colombier EP from TWS, and a few off mature bottles, it’s good value IMO

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