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Rhone Rangers v2

Was this the holy grail not to long ago? I’m sure it was 6* initially with JLL but downgraded to 5* on a second tasting. WWToTD?……buy it, you won’t regret it!


The 2017 is likely to have more structure, more tannin and the capacity to age. The comparison with Hermitage by JLL is interesting as is the potential end of the drinking window. My experience of Colombier and Delas Crozes Hermitage is that they do have quite a long life, and are a cut above most others.


Sounds like it’s one for the long term (i.e. don’t open for 20 years if you want the best from it!)

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Thanks all. Lots of availability of the 2017’s as well so may pick up a regular bottle or two for comparison. I have a single 2012 and a case of 2015 halves at home so would be good to add a couple more vintages for comparison.

@markc I spotted 2020 Delas Crozes Hermitage Les Launes in halves as well. I think the Les Launes is the entry level but a useful format for me so will squirrel a few away for future consumption.

Has anyone tried previous vintages of Delas Crozes Hermitage Les Launes?

A few new listings have appeared - some with a bit of age. NB the couple I looked at are very small amounts…

This white CNdP caught my eye, and reminded me of the late TOT (RIP) so a single bottle ordered, perhaps destined to be a Christmas treat: Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Château Mont-Redon 2017


Thanks for flagging this

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Hopefully the “Low Stock” does not in fact translate into no stock for you if you indeed try to buy it…


I would love a bottle or two, but it’s the wrong time of the month financially.


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I have bought a couple, let’s see if they actually exist

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Should be great!

The premium cuvee of Mont Redon 2016 is on the site at 82 per bottle. If people remember this is the wine that got split from the main bottling, thus reducing a 6* wine to 5*, and this then got 5* as well! It strikes me as significantly less good value than the regular bottling, but if you missed out on that…