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Rhone Rangers v2

Has anyone tried this yet? JLL rated it higher than the famous (on here anyway) 2016s.

I have a few stashed away but won’t be touching them for a couple of years. The 2016s are just coming into their own IMO.

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Yes several times. It’s very good. Drinking very well now and incredibly good value for money, especially with some of the others that Majestic, Tesco and Waitrose have had over the last few months.

I’ve got some stashed away from when it was first offered by the Society and then been buying more for drinking now when offer for under £10.


Excellent news, thank you! I bought some last month at all £8 (waitrose discount plus voucher). Amazing value at that price.

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Also this has appeared:


The 2019 was, I thought, totally outstanding especially at that price. Fingers crossed the case of 2020 I’ve just popped into reserves is good too.


Going by JLL the 20 is better …tempting


I’d agree - I bought some from the Waitrose offer as well. Much better than than the '17, which in my experience was slightly dry, tannic and austere compared to recent vintages. This has a lot more depth of fruit.

No doubt it’ll be even better with some age, but drinking now.

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Thanks for highlighting. I missed the 2019s when Jancis recommended them as wine of week on purple pages. A handy half case to reserves.

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Lots of new bottles, mostly mid-higher end on the site, ‘tiny quantities’, email has just landed.