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Rhone Rangers v2

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts with this wine?
Costieres de Nimes Cuvée Excellence Rouge, Mas de Bressades 2019

Sounds quite good but I can’t find too much about it online so what better than to ask the question here.
TIA for your thoughts.

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I haven’t but this sounds right up my street so would also be interested in the verdict of anyone who’s tried it.

I’ve been really enjoying syrah-led wines from the general southern Rhone area (not sure if CdN technically falls into that region but but in style I’ve found it similar).


I had the white last year which I thought was excellent - not that that’s much help!

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Their normal cuvee is great- very blueberry if I recall. Can’t see why this won’t be a cracker for a reasonable price

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I have just put two bottles into reserves.
Friends of ours in Nimes look out for the premium cuvées which age and are delight to drink in a few years.



This is interesting. A little of the Côte Rotie on the nose at first with that viognier. Not as refined or balanced though. Lots of fragrant sweet fruit, but i feel lacking a bit of freshness, on the cusp of syrupy for me. Curious wine though. I think would be a nice match for something like sticky ribs or pulled pork etc. I got to try thanks to the no minimum order scheme, but i can’t decide if i want any more ir not.


As highlighted a few weeks ago by @winechief, Perrin’s Clos des Tourelles Gigondas (2017 and 2018) is back on sale at Marlo/Vivino for £163/6 DP (less if you use a voucher code and/or cashback site).

This compares to £285 DP in the 2020 EP offer. It’s obvious that the prices of more premium Rhones are heading the same way as Burgundies (if not quite as quickly) so it feels like an investment :wink: to buy well-regarded back issues which will be ready to drink fairly soon. I resisted this year’s Rhone and Burgundy EPs so felt I could justify this treat.

For what it’s worth I went for 6x 2017s which JLL rated as 5*.


The 2020 is still available on the WS remainder list so looks like the price increase is proving a little hard to digest!


Tempted by the Gigondas, Domaine du Cayron 2020 that’s available on the remainders list, so I have opened number 3 of 6 from the 2010 vintage to check it’s to my taste still… and it is!

There’s a slight funk on opening, but it soon dissipates. It was decanted due to the quantity of gunk then filtered back into the bottle. A blend of cinsault, syrah and grenache, it is balanced, fruity, and delicious. There’s enough acidity, subtle tannins and not much sign of aging in the wine’s colour. The 14% alcohol is barely noticeable.

The 2020 is looking very attractive.


Me too. Although I have already triple-dipped, going back for Saint Cosme St-Jo and Dom Ste Anne Les Rouvieres in the remainders after my initial order. The Cayron is probably next on the list (having enjoyed the 2016), although I see the Tunnel Cornas has also come back to life after being out of stock a few days ago…


I’m jealous, all my 2010s are gone, they were superb!

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Just had an email from L&W saying they have “just released” the 2020 Côte-Rôtie Ampodium from Domaine Rostaing (and some complain about TWS slow EP releases!!!) at £252/6 in bond which is almost £4 a bottle more than the TWS price was!! And duty paid it’s way more than I recently paid for 2016 Ampodium from TWS.


Seems about right to me. TWS, a no profit retailer, is c. 10pc cheaper than a for profit retailer (is that right?). If I was a retailer and only making 10pc more that a non-profit business… I wouldn’t feel I was raking it in, I suspect.

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Yes but with EP the difference is usually fairly small. However, it’s always nice to see it!

Did anyone bite on any of the 2020 wines L&W? I know they are splitting Northern and Southern Rhone this year, but the offering seems lighter than usual?

I had a look through but didn’t buy anything.

I buy regularly from them, but this time I have bought nothing from the current new additions, mainly because of the price. I did add a couple of the Thalabert a while ago, as that worked out at the same as TWS.

I agree, it does seem smaller than other years.

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WS does make a profit, chiefly to fund investments eg £15 million on the new warehouse, but it does not maximise profit. Margins vary according to the needs of the business.


I very nearly bought a case of the Rousset plain Crozes as the description sounded right up my street, but then remembered I had got the Picaudieres from TWS, and that I had just spent the same amount on a bottle of Vosne-R!

I may still do it…


I must admit that is the one I thought most about. Good write up from JLL too I think. But no trigger pulled yet.

Have this for tonight. Anyone have any experience with this vintage? Or indeed Gripa’s St Jo? New one for me.

Decant for 2-3 hours?

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