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Rhone Rangers v2

Any views on 2009 Domaine du Colombier Hermitage?
I have had the Crozes Hermitage before (which I like) but not this one. I have just bought half a case in the Farr’s sale (£65/magnum).

4* and a decent write up from JLL, good to 2033-35 apparently. Sounds like a reasonable punt to me at that price!

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Email about this case just landed

All bar 1 available to buy separately


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Good for having in reserves up to 6 years

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Showing as OOS already… wonder if they’re just holding some back for later email batches?

It will be just available for the mixed case

No, the mixed case is out of stock!

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Beats me why we all receive a marketing push without the stock to back it up🥲🥲🥲


Unless it flew out …. The wines have been available for a few days

Only two of the six wines in the mixed case still available. Now 7 hours after I received the email. This seems to be happening regularly when interesting things are offered up. I think TWS needs to have a think whether it wants to just send flashy emails, or really be able to fulfill a sensible nunber of members needs. This is supposed to be a cooperative, not a lottery society.

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These wines have been available for days get signed up for notifications on this page the community here let people know pretty sharpish


Would you rather not know or what would be deemed a sensible number?

I think this is once again another example of the society is damned if they do or damned if they don’t. There was a number of the wines available last week and they have gone following the email, we don’t know how many bottles were available or how many sales so it easily just be that demand is high.

There have been plenty of discussions in other threads on this and I don’t think there is an easy solution that will please everyone.


Thank you for the advice. I have a mixed case already. I was merely echoing @adbdorset’s point on marketing and stock.


Looks like an alternative Rhône case has been created with most of the wines. Showing out of stock overnight but I wonder if that will change this morning, might explain why some of the wines went out of stock individually.


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As membership continues to grow demand for old vintage cases such as this will only grow so quick decisions needed, the pending box will be less of an option.

Absolutely, which I think is a plus for the society. Most commercial businesses wouldn’t hold back wines for ageing first, or if they did it would be sold with a considerable mark up when the time came for release


A few more added to the list today, some museum releases and a couple of low stock items.

I’ve stuck 6 of these in reserves, 4* from JLL.



Now in stock for anyone interested. There appear to be a few cases available.

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I’d love to see a few bottles of the TWS Exhibition Crozes 2015 appear from the Museum - that was a wine I regretted not buying by the gross.


You mean 12 cases??

I did enjoy it greatly, however the enjoyment may have begun to pall I fear by bottle 144…