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Rhone Rangers v2

I checked too. The 16 is the only recent vintage JLL hasn’t rated. Given he has consistently rated most recent vintages favourably I can’t believe the ‘16 isn’t at the same sort of level.I found a Jeb Dunnuck rating of 93-95. So it looks pretty good.

That price leap though… £10 a bottle….


This link may help

£26 is cheaper than the EP offered price. I did wonder if that 2017 was a typo and it perhaps should have been £26 instead of the £16 offered.
Anyway, I’ve got 6 of each, 16 via EP, 17 via the List.


I think the price the 2017s were offered at in the summer was the exception (I was half waiting for an email about a pricing error, as happened with the Charbonniere CdP a while ago). £26 is more like the going rate for these.


How is the 2017 rated? I haven’t managed to find any reviews of it.

JLL has rated all vintages since 2017 at 4.5*, except 2019, interestingly - only 3.5*.

I read this thread as I was pondering what to open tonight and, strictly in the interests of community collective knowledge, I’ve just popped a 2016 - my third of 6 bought EP. Cost about £25 delivered so that 2017 price definitely looks like a bargain (or error).

The 2016 is drinking very nicely - as @Lincoln says, not reviewed by JLL, but his note on the 2017 serves well and is a lot more poetic than I could manage:

“The nose has deft touches, iodine, ripe black cherry, blackberry, a note of red meat, blood. The palate moves well with a snake hip run of dark berry fruits, oaking entwined, is interesting, has hidden corners, good shape. There’s access to its terroir on the late moments, a smoked, rocky presence there. The finish is still on oak, but will get inside it”

I would say the oak is still a little prominent in the 2016 but not unpleasantly and it has a promising few years ahead of it.




Anybody have any experience with this wine? Not necessarily the 2019. Good value from a good producer - worth a punt at the price, but wondered if there were any views on here first?



This is great value. I’ve had the last 4 vintages and the value is very good. I’m sure that there are other supporters of this on this board.I bought a case of 6 and am not disappointed.

The 2019 is a bit fresher and maybe not quite as good as the 2018. This is perhaps indicated by the slightly shorter drinking window. I’m drinking the 2019 now but have kept 2 bottles of the 2018 and plan to see how they develop next year.

I hope this helps


Can’t go wrong here.

Quite full bodied, plenty of fruit and definitely benefits from a decent decant when it opens up and develops significantly more complexity than you’d normally expect in a <£10 red.


Thanks both! Sold!


Don’t overlook the Jaboulet Ventoux either both cracking wines


2020 Rhone news starting to appear. The first two (of 6) articles on Jancis have appeared as well as this case from Marce.

CndP(paywalled, sorry!) seems to not be particularly high scoring (although quite a few big guns noticeably absent). Only Clos de Caillou and Clos de Pape making it to 17.5. Lots of 14/15s. Seems to be a similar story in Vayquaras/Gigondas.


Hmmm…the claim that 2020 could be the best of all of the recent run of great Rhone vintages seems counter to other opinions I’ve heard, for the southern part of the valley at least.

Given that TWS rated 2019 10/10, the speculation that 2020 might be even better feels like a bold claim.

To be fair I haven’t even sampled a 2019 Rhone yet, so time (and tasting) will tell!


“It hardly seems credible that after a run of so many great Rhône vintages, 2020 should appear as good and possibly better than all the rest of them.”

Hardly credible indeed…


“All told this is an attractive vintage in the southern Rhône with some good to very good rather than great wines.” seems much closer to the mark. I also note the word some, probably being used as a more negative than positive term.


Apparently the North is better than the South in 2020. Maybe it’s just less patchy


Matt Walls has been waxing lyrical about the 2020 vintage and I think his report is due out on the 6th .

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Thought it was out already …??

The Northern Rhone article is now out and looking at it, less patchy seems to be the thing (even Guigal Lalas are scoring 17.5s, with only a couple of the £££ Hermitage making it any higher).

It’ll be interesting to see how Matt Walls report compares to the one on Jancis, which is written by a Bordeaux person rather than a regular Rhone person.

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I don’t know if the WS has had this Ventoux, Les Ribes du Vallat, Château Juvenal 2020 on their list before, but either way, this one is a beauty for the price in my book. Or certainly the 2019 was at any rate!

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No, his comprehensive report on 1,200 wines available from Monday 6th for Decanter premium members.

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