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Rhone Rangers v2

Weak minds think alike🙄


Well last week had the first of the PJA Petite Chapelle 2013 bottles I got when it was highlighted here. It was absolutely gorgeous and paired excellently with medium rare venison haunch.

Have always wanted to try a decent Hermitage and this did not disappoint. Only other I have tried was a Tesco finest from the Tain cooperative from 2007 which I did not intend to buy but fooled on their triple Tesco vouchers and get 25% when buying any 2 cases. I had cashed in to get a case of Chateau Gloria 2009 but alas that was fine wine and not finest so not covered. Bought their Hermitage having cashed the vouchers and bought the Gloria anyway which was and still is excellent but cannot claim their Hermitage is in the same league.


So happy for you & the rest of us who purchased this one when on offer!!
It was £210 per 6 bottles.
I will do 2 bottles per Christmas, so the next 3 years taken care of.
By then the 2010 Society Exhibition Hermitage should have come around!! :pray: :dragon:



Interesting to see the Guigal 2007 CNDP featured.
Currently I’m having a bit of a problem with my 2007 Dom’ Font de Michelle.
2 years ago it was a powerhouse block buster of a mouthful of tar, liquorice & cherries.
Now it’s as dead as a dodo. Hardly any nose at all and the pallet has dumbed down to an undistinguished potpourri of dark fruits without any precision nor tertiary flavours backing it up.
I don’t have the old EP notes for 2007 but it was a good year & the 2019 is set to last till 2032. Does anyone have any ideas as to whether this has had it & gone beyond it’s best, or temporarily closed down to bounce back reborn to a thing of beauty a bit further down the line.

I have three of these and now two Exhibition Hermitage 2012 to compare and contrast.

I was DETERMINED not to buy more wine this month but 9 year old Hermitage at £33 was too good to pass up - and I added it to an existing order coming in a couple of weeks which took the order over the £75 and I got a £5 credit note against the delivery charge.

So in effect only £30.50 a bottle - an even bigger bargain

Just as well we can book deliveries a few weeks out :wink:



Loads including Ferraton!! :dragon:



I like the sound of this a lot, and it seems to me to be something of a bargain for what was a good vintage for northern whites:



And many more including a 5* 2020 Clape Cornas!! :yum: :dragon:


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Now showing as due in!


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Some new wines listed.
This one catches my eye.
Rated around 94/100.


The imperative for most vintages of Thalabert, is not to get stuck in before 10 years have elapsed, post vintage. If you allow Thalabert sufficient time in the cellar, you will be richly rewarded. Many in my opinion open bottles too early and miss out.
If you can, buy a 12 bottle case of halves and track development yourselves.
Begin to open bottles at year 8 and you will eventually find the optimum for your individual palate. :dragon:


This offer just came through:


Some good wines in there. I’ve bought loads recently so I’m going to resist, but it’s a nice case.


Hi! Just wanted to take a moment to give my appreciation and thanks to Famille Mayard. On my recent trip to Uzes my friend and I decided to take a little drive to CNdP and I was reminded that this was the stomping ground of Famille Mayard who contribute to the WS’ CNdP Exhibition range.

CNdP was far smaller than I thought and we found their Cave very easily. Unfortunately we were a little late for their scheduled tour and were greeted with an empty tasting room. Luckily we were soon discovered and were fortunate enough to speak and taste a selection of wines directly with one of the family. She couldn’t have been nicer and more accommodating, considering we’d probably dragged her away from far more important work mid harvest :grimacing:

As expected the wines were exceptional, I only wish we’d had more time and that i’d booked cabin luggage. I was seriously considering what clothes/toiletries I could live without to accommodate a few bottles.

For those considering a visit to this beautiful part of France I definitely recommend a visit. This is also a little plea to the WS to look at bringing more of Famille Mayard’s wines onto the website so that we can try/buy more of their range at home. :pray:


Lovely to hear @Polly!

We loved their CnDP ‘Clos du Calvaire’ (2017 vintage), which we drank very recently:


I didn’t know they also make the Society’s Exhibition CnDP. Were there any wines that particularly stood out for you?


Hi @Inbar

We tried the 2019 Clos du Calvaire - really lush, vibrant fruit and delicate floral notes. We then moved on to the Pere Pape 2018 and La Crau de ma Mere 2019.

Each time the level of complexity multiplied with far more tertiary flavours and tannins. Which surprised me as they’re still comparatively young. Could have broken the bank but wasn’t sure in import costs now with Brexit :frowning:

Hopefully the WS will hear my plea :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

p.s just found the CdC 2019 on the website. Thats now in the basket :tada:


The Crau de ma Mere is usually part of the en primeur offer in January. :grinning:

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Thank you for your info and TN’s.
I have not tasted this Domaine’s wines, my reason is simple - I have plenty of others that I have not gotten to. :blush:
I shall seek out a bottle that I have, and place it on my “drinking shelf!!” :dragon:


By coincidence, I tried the first bottle (of 12) of the La Crau de Ma Mere 2015 last weekend (bought from TWS EP). One of the joys of buying in dozens is you can afford an early peek. It is a huge wine. Nowhere near ready - will be forgetting the other 11 bottles until at least 2024. However I think it will be staggeringly good - eventually. JLL has no rating for the 2016 - but Jeb Dunnuck gives it a big 94-96/100. I have a dozen of those in reserves too. I’ll take a peek around the same time I re-visit the 2015.


Ch de Beaucastel released today if you want to secure a parcel - notified by L&W this afternoon.

Question to the wider audience…. has anyone started their 2016 Clos de Cazaux reds from the 2016 EP offer yet?

I have some reserves to review at TWS from this offer soon. Leave another 12 months or withdraw for gradual drinking next year?

Most interested in the communities experience or thoughts.

Thank you


Just the Sarrazine Gigondas back in January this year. Was loads better on day 2 so haven’t broached since but am contemplating another soon now it is officially Rhône Season.

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