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Rhone Rangers v2

It was indeed. Never enjoy negotiating Rouen on our way further south but Super U on our way past eases the pain!

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We approach it from Dieppe which is far easier than from further north so I have fond memories of driving through Rouen on the road south to numerous family holidays - you barely go through Dieppe itself so Rouen always feels like the first real experience of France.

Haven’t been since 2019 and am really missing those trips. Enjoy your own visit!

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It took me forever to decide, but bought a case of this one in the end.


A number of factors sold it to me.
It was a blend of Cote Blonde and Cote Brune, and Barge historically makes very good wine from these terroirs.
This wine, if you look closely at the label is NOT their Standard Cote Rote, but one this is quite new - in fact the 2018 would appear to be only the 2nd “Les Cotes” bottling.
No buyer TN’s, but John Gilman gave it 95/100 and Marcel indicated that it was better than the individual Barge Blonde or Brune cuvees.
On the Top J L-L Cote Rotie’s list for 2018, one Cote Blonde got 6 stars and 2 Cote Brunes got 5 stars. One might infer that both terroirs in 2018 performed well.
I cannot find a TN for Barge 2018 on Vinous, Parker, Jeb nor J L-L.
I have learned that it is sometimes what is not said is as important, as what IS said.
Lots of growers have not got samples out due to the pandemic.
The normal yield from Barge’s Cote Blonde/Brune is around 7,100 bottles or 600 12 bottle cases, if all the Blonde/Brune wine was used. There were Blonde/Brune bottlings in 2017, the 1st year the Cotes was produced.
So no idea how big The Cotes production is/was??
That’s my reasoning, and NO!! - correspondence WILL NOT be entered into. :rofl:
If you disagree, be my guest AND ALSO do not buy it.
I am happy, and that’s all that counts!! :grinning: :rofl: :dragon:


I’ve been wondering about that one but I’ve already got a bunch of other Cote Roties that will be drinking in a similar time frame. Still not decided either way though and I’ve yet to find a Cote Rotie that I’ve not liked!

What intrigues me about this one is that:
John Gilman estimates the drinking window to be 2030 - 2080 as per Cellartracker/Magazine.
Marcel from the 2018 Rhone EP offer speculates 2023 - 2030.
My money is on Marcel and the Gilman evaluation, a typo!! :wink: :dragon:

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Yes 2080 would seem a little optimistic! :rofl:

I’ll be 105!

So celebrate by opening a bottle.