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Rhone Rangers v2

The 2019 Gerard Cote Rotie was in stock for quite a while, I dithered for weeks if not months and missed out. Ordered a case of his St Jo Blanchard back when the en primeur campaign was on.

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Thanks. Amazed I missed that. Will watch out for it.


Sadly out of stock and no more due in till the 2020s

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JL-L is now in the Southern Rhone by the looks of things, having visited Ch Mont Redon, Ch La Nerthe, and a few others. Nothing stand-out yet, but early days.

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The one Rhone bottle that truly intrigues me is this one.
The more I look, …


This one I do find very attractive, but the truth is that I do have plenty of Cote Rotie! :grinning:
No little thought going to be applied to a decision, but given the late cancellation of the 5th Test at Old Trafford - I do have plenty of time. :wink: :dragon:


Yes very positive review for
DOMAINE SAINTE-ANNE - Saint-Gervais Côtes du Rhône Villages Les Mourillons red - 2019
Which seems like a bargain at £65/6 IB so I’m super happy with that purchase.


Agree - the 19 sounds like a great purchase.

I bought les Rouvieres but JL-L doesn’t seem to review it, unless I’m missing something. Hopefully it will be equally good if it’s from the same stable.


Spotted Guigal CdR 2018 on the shelves in the Super U today, I’ve been banned from buying any more due to already being over my limit to get back into the UK, JLL gave it a great write up, so hopefully not long until one or two bottles hit the UK. Should also mean another sale on the 2017 in the supermarkets to make room for the new vintage like last year.


J L-L rated the 2018 Guigal CdR Rouge at 4.5*, HIGHER than the fab 2016.
Take a look!

And a ten year drinking window.
Something to really look forward to in halves, bottles and magnums.
Cannot wait. :yum:
And the 2016 is still drinking incredibly well. :dragon:


Looking forward to this hitting the UK shelves.

Also beginning to look out for Meerlust Red 2019 which includes fruit that normally goes into Rubicon.

Two reds which are great value at the best of times but which should be even better in these vintages.


Yeah I saw that. I was sorely tempted to buy some at 9.50 Euros a bottle but there will be plenty in the UK by October no doubt. Still got some 2015 and 16 in reserves thanks to your recommendations previously


Good shout! I bought the 2017 in March this year from the Society but I’m sure I had seen it previously elsewhere, worth keeping a look out for it

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If IT is THAT GOOD, I will buy a shedful of halves!! :dragon:

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Wasn’t quite as keen on the 2017 Meerlust Red, it had a lot more cab franc in it @ 55%. Hopefully the 2018 will have more cab sauv again moving it back to black currant rather than red currant flavours dominant. I don’t think TWS hasn’t started selling the 2018 yet, so it’ll be another year before the 2019 gets here.
Now that’s interesting…Just looked at the 2018 on line & apparently it’s 56% merlot & 44% cab franc. Wonder what they’re doing with all the cab sauv. Perhaps the vines are old enough to be included in the Rubicon now.

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Ha ha! I’m exactly the opposite! Loved it for the Cab Franc dominant presence… Might open my second bottle this autumn :fallen_leaf:

As always, horses for courses :slight_smile:


So……I had to fill the car up with Petrol and the Super U was the closest place to go, so my hand slipped and I walked into the store to buy a bottle. :joy:

It’s really good, I think it needs some time to really come into its own. I’m enjoyed the 2016 now, so perhaps the 2018 will be even better in 18 months but in terms of value for money it’s fantastic, holds its own against much more expensive bottles.


Thanks for the heads up. Looked yesterday and Rouen Super U only had the 2016 but at 7.50 euros a bottle some ended up in the trolly - had to be done and only at the start of our visit …


That’s a result in itself, picking up the 16s at that price. There’ll be literally millions of the 18s on sale soon!

Was that the big store in southern Rouen (Grand Quevilly)?

As lots of you seem to be in France, and I know there are fans of the Domaine de Bréseyme Cote du Rhone Brézème on this thread I thought some of you might be interested to see that the Halles de Quercamps is selling the 2016 for 12.60€ a bottle when you buy 6 (it was £20 when on sale at TWS).

Domaine De Brezeyme 2016 Crd Brezeme Rge 75cl Crd | Rhône (hallesdequercamps.com)

I went for it, but I have to say I’m not 100% convinced. Clearly a high quality wine but there was a strong smoky / burnt rubber smell that wasn’t really doing it for me. A long decant helped. Might have to try another bottle to see if there is any bottle variation.

Anyway there are lots of other well priced bottles on that website, including various 2016 Clos du Caillou bottlings.


Look out for the Clos du Caillou CdR bottlings, particularly the Reserve and given a vintage preference -the 2016.
That is one bottle that I missed out on, if someone has some to spare in Society Reserves - then I will give you a great deal. :grinning: :pray: :dragon: