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Rhone Rangers v2

EDIT from @laura: Find all 4,000 posts in our first Rhone Rangers topic here:

Ah well, it couldn’t last forever.
So let’s try and make this thread as good as his brother.

So 1st cab off the rank:

Marcel has done us proud here.
£16 per bottle, is a terrific price. Vinous 91/100, Parker 90/100 :dragon:


From personal experience of the two, this is seriously worth the extra £7.


Worth the money but gone already!

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Whilst we are not discussing Rhone wines on this Mark II thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This looks pretty smart and I bet kicks similar priced CNDP’s into touch.

And kudos to Pierre for getting this parcel which was due to be sold to London restaurants, at the special price.

Wine Advocate 95 for this vintage and the previous 2 :koala:

Please note well, I am completely and utterly taking the P-I-double 5!


But what score did JLL give it?!


You’re not supposed to tell people that! (although less bothered in this specific example as I already have a case)

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And they just keep on coming!!
Delas etc! :clap: :dragon:


It appears that the original thread is working well, ie not looping again, albeit still locked. At least it’s accessible for any and all who want to review it

All of this does not reflect well on the Society’s IT Dept. :dragon:

Thought these pages use a 3rd party system/software rather than something the society IT is responsible for though.


Yeah, I’ve seen some comments about Discourse, I think that’s it.

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You may well be correct, IF the Society is the client, dare I say should be exerting pressure to FIX IT!! :dragon:

I’m drinking the Domaine Rousset Crozes-Hermitage 2015 this evening.

I’m finding it a little closed at the moment. I have noticed a few people on this forum mention that they were about to try this, but not so many notes post drinking, so I wondered if some others have had a similar experience.

As a mitigating factor, I should admit that I opened the bottle and had a small glass as I was coming down with a cold (apparently not Covid) on Saturday, and then stuck the rest of the bottle in the fridge until today. So remnants of the cold and treatment of the wine may be having an effect.


I had this a few weeks ago - I thought it was decent but i wasn’t blown away, it was showing best about 2-3 hours after opening (and with a bit of time in the glass). I finished the bottle three days after opening and by that point it was getting a bit dull and the fruit had died away. I don’t have any more but if I did I would keep for a while as I felt like it had the structure to go a bit further.

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@Wansteadbirder let us know how the Hautes Cances Cairanne was like (from the bottom of the now-locked original thread).

I’m a big fan of their Col du Debat cuvée and also have a 2015 Vieilles Vignes to drink - but really interested in trying the Cuvée Tradition too.

I had my first one back in Feb. It took c. 3 hrs to fully open up and I was really impressed, plenty of power, concentration and complexity.

However, I’ve since had two more (the last about 3 weeks ago), and despite long decants, neither have been anywhere near as good, both seeming far less full.

Could just be circumstances and my taste buds, but it could also be that it has closed down to some degree. I won’t be touching my remaining two for a while now.

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Already sold out! :sob:

I broke the community golden rule and posted the link before I bought any too :frowning:


You this morning?


We are! :slight_smile: Will update you as soon as I can.

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