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Rhône Prize Draw Wine Tour



That Offerus is a lovely wine. I got a couple of bottles of the 2012 from TWS back in 2016 but haven’t seen it in the lists since which is a shame. I’ve still got one which I must think about drinking in the next couple of years.






I did! I believe it was originally set at 14 to avoid people replying with just a :slight_smile: or :+1: etc, to ensure conversations don’t get cut off/stilted, but it was proving such an annoyance! :see_no_evil: I think we’re all a bit more informal than that these days anyway, and I’m all for it!


From about 2010 to (I think) 2014 the offerus was largely the replanted Clos Florentin, prior to Chave being happy to do a separate bottling or put it into the domaine SJ. I have the 13 and 14, it dropped off the EP list after ‘16 and I wondered if this coincided with Florentin being bottled as its own cuvee and thus offerus coming from elsewhere. I have drunk one bottle of the ‘13 offerus and for me it was excellent, and will improve, CT reviews are however very mixed so it isn’t to everyone’s ideal of St Jo.


That’s interesting. Not sure about the vineyards that are now used for Offerus. Certainly, Clos Florentin was special, so I can understand if the Offerus 13 and 14 will be good! :yum:


The above are currently available on the website. I haven’t tried the Exhibition Hermitage. Looking forward to giving it a try soon. :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


Ed, I have finally managed to find the right area to read your great review! Thanks for documenting so well and thank you to The Wine Society for arranging such an amazing trip for us lucky winners.


Late Wednesday Afternoon
Domaine Pierre Gonon was one of the houses responsible for helping to frame the original boundaries of the appellation of Saint-Joseph in 1956. Pierre owned low-yielding vineyards in the villages of Mauves, Tournin and Saint-Jean-de-Muzols. Control was handed over to his sons, Pierre and Jean in 1989. The success of the estate lies in the vines, a late harvesting, and the dedication to care throughout the wine making process.

I am afraid that by the time we arrived at the Domaine, my memory and palate may have been slightly affected by our previous wine experiences at Jaboulet and Chaves. Nevertheless, a highlight for me was the opportunity to sample Gonon’s 2018 vintage straight from the barrel. This was a new experience for me, and it was wonderful to taste and smell a wine before bottling. The white Saint-Joseph was particularly memorable, coming from predominantly Marsanne vines with a little roussanne. It had a little zing and spice to it!

Our group then returned to the hotel, followed by a phenomenal dinner at Chez Vincent in Tain. Here we enjoyed a lovely selection of wines with our dinner, including: Domaine Bernard Gripa, Saint-Joseph “Le Berceau” 2014; a Domaine Louis Cave Saint-Joseph 2014; a Domaine Courbis Cornas “La Sabarotte” 2010; and finally, one of our group decided to treat as all to a Paul Jaboulet Aîne Crozes-Hermitage “Domaine de Thalabert” 1990. Phenomenal! A great end to a great evening and a fantastic day, sampling over thirty different wines!

Photos to follow!


I think the Exhibition Hermitage is the Farconnet Cuvée. How much were the different Chave St Jo’s at the cellar door out of interest - and were they for sale? I believe Gonon will take visits by appointment but their entire production is allocated ; you can’t buy any?


I’m afraid we didn’t see any prices at the vineyard. It was quite an informal and relaxed tour, without access to a shop or presentation area.


Photos from Domaine Pierre Gonon and Chez Vincent:


Thursday Morning

This the final entry describing the wine tour. Apologies for taking so long to getting round to completing it.

On Thursday morning we visited Nicolas Jaboulet’s property. Domaine & Maison Les Alexandrins was formed through the collaboration of three big names in the wine making industry of Northern Rhône. Nicolas Jaboulet is the sixth generation of the Tain l’Hermitage family of the same name. In 2009, he formed Maison Nicolas Perrin by joining forces with the Perrin family of Château de Beaucastel fame, and with whom we had been entertained in Gigondas on Tuesday evening. Maison Nicolas Perrin joined forces with Guillaume Sorrel and Alexander Caso forming Domaine Les Alexandrins in 2014.

The Maison sees itself as a ‘boutique négociant’ that buys in casks of wine from many respected Northern Rhône growers. These casks are carefully blended and matured in oak. These wines range from delicious Vin de France to prestigious Hermitage, Côte-Rôtie, Cornas and Condrieu. The company helps The Society in its production of the Exhibition Crozes-Hermitage.

Nicolas was hosting us, and after giving us a quick tour of the facility, we were invited to sample eight different wines. These were equally phenomenal. Of particular note were the 2014 Ermitage and the 2017 Côte-Rôtie. I remember asking him about the significance of the unicorns on the Maison’s emblem. Nicolas commented on how they wanted to have a unique logo that distinguished it from other maisions, such as the lions of Paul Jaboulet Aîné.

This was a fantastic end to a wonderful trip. A special thanks to the Wine Society team who accompanied us: Matthew, David and, of course, Marcel.

Thanks for reading!