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Rhone Growers Walkaround March 2020


Menu has been sent through. Looks pretty drool-worthy, for a Rhone Amateur like me.


With 40 bottles to get through, including many full-bodied, high alcohol reds, I fear there won’t be much in the way of detailed tasting notes.

Big Monday night!


I had to cancel due to work commitments unfortunately.


Rubbish. Did you manage to hand back your tickets?


Yes, that I managed.


Looks lovely. I have a bottle of #27 - would be interested in what you think! I’m debating what to have it with.


You should be in for an absolute treat with the white Vacqueyras from Clos des Cazaux. The Vieilles Vignes in particular should be fantastic. Lots of very appealing looking wines in that list to be fair!


I am very excited!

Determined to find Southern Rhone treats I like (and not just attempt as many top-ups of the Hermitage Blanc’s as I can…).

If anyone wants to say hello, I’ll be the one with the large beard getting as many top-ups of the Hermitage Blanc’s as I can!


I went to the same one last year, and it was one of the most enjoyable TWS tastings I’d been to. You’re in for a treat (and there are some gems that I don’t recall from last year). Have fun! :grinning::+1:


Are you there on Monday?

I’ll be the bald one trying to see if there is any Hermitage Blanc left…


Yep, I’ll be there on Monday.

Given that I’m currently working on a civil engineering project, I’m wondering if I can work from One Great George street (also the Institution of (un)Civil Engineers) during the day to get a jump on it.


Very envious! Having flashbacks to the Rhône Wine Tour, last year. Sampled the white and reds from the Maison Les Alexandrins by Nicolas Jaboulet and the fabulous Vacqueyras Clos des Cazaux, as well as the wonderful wines of Domaine Jaume. (polishing off the 5-litre box of Côte-du-Rhône this weekend) Superb! Gutted that this event doesn’t take place North of the wall… :cry:


Previous tastings have been much heavier on CNDP - interesting reflection perhaps on how tastes are changing


Also - if the 2015 Voge is released in line with normal TWS pricing policy it will be cracking value and I would anticipate a stunning if pretty structured wine


Thanks. That’s getting an asterisk on my crib sheet


I’m going on Tuesday - unfortunately, as I now have to get a 6.30 flight to Warsaw on Wednesday morning!

Anyone else on Tuesday?


Yeow! A quiet evening then?


turns out that while my description did make me identifiable to @Brocklehurstj, it also made me identifiable to people pouring wine. Seconds weren’t always available (although also sometimes insisted upon by the pourer!).


Definitely the biggest beard at the tasting!

A great evening, tasted some wine I’m highly unlikely to ever encounter again.

No tasting notes, but I’ll try and identify a few favourites


Don’t know if it is just personal preference or they are just more suited to a walk-around tasting, but Northern Rhone reds seemed more enjoyable (approachable?) than the reds from the south. Lots of spitting as I had quite a big day at work today.

The first two wines got a tick, which meant I’d like to buy them, other interests and budget permitting.

These next two received 2 ticks - they’re definitely going in the basket

These Northern Rhone whites were all very tasty, the next three had one tick. Slight hesitation when it comes to value though. Could I buy something from South Africa or Australia at a similar price that would give me more pleasure? I think so.

From the South, I think there was a bit of palate fatigue - the tannins and alcohol were just getting a bit much - only two reds stood out for me (in this setting)

The Grignan-les-Adhemar was just really lovely, approachable “glou glou” juice

And this was not at all what I thought a four year old CnDP would be - came across relatively light, powerful fruit and fine tannins, weird

Absolutely delicious, white of the night (I think for @JamesE as well) was the Vacqueyras blanc.

All in all thoroughly enjoyable, I hope all those attending tonight enjoy it as much.

ps. Hermitage - nice, interesting to try, but not really my thing. I must be a filthy heathen!


Blimey I picked up two of the '15s of those last January for £35 each. That’s some serious inflation!