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Rhône AMA with buyer Marcel Orford-Williams!



A follow up to the earlier Hermitage Grael question - given that the recent price rise puts it not far off La Chapelle, which would you choose and why?


Apart from the regions mentioned, I like Italian wine and Greek wine too.


They’re both very different. Chapelle is finer, always, and Sorrel is more rustic, always - different styles, but quality levels are about as good. If I had to choose, in the long term Chapelle is probably the winner - the fruit is better.


Well, I think this breaks the record for the most AMA questions we’ve answered in an hour - I’m so grateful to @owmarcel for giving us such brilliant insight. But I’m a bit scared for my post-Rhône EP bank balance now…

3 mins left - time for maybe one more question - otherwise I hope you’ve all enjoyed this AMA and there’s plenty of reading to come back to here! :smile:


What does one have to do to go on a buying trip with Marcel ?? :rofl:


You’ve got to ask the boss!


Hi Marcel, could you please let us know what the current plans are for the Exhibition label Rhone wines? In terms of new additions, Hermitage vintages etc.


Fantastic AMA - and thanks for taking the time, Marcel! So much to take in…! :smiley:


Nothing new I can tell you quite yet, but something very exciting is coming soon…! There will also be some older vintages of Hermitage red being released.


Thanks everyone! Buy lots.


And with that, he’s gone!

Thanks so much everyone :slight_smile:


This has been amazing !! Thanks so much @owmarcel!! Lots to go back over and will help greatly with my EP order !! Thanks so much !


Spanner in the works, thrown…

Great AMA, many thanks @owmarcel


It doesn’t help with mine - I now want to double the amount and I’m already over budget! :see_no_evil: :joy:


I thought it’s mostly all gone!


Very informative session, thanks Marcel! Thanks to the community for the questions!


Excellent session. I’ve had a quick read through but must do a more thorough one taking notes!


Very interesting. Thanks Marcel.


Thanks Marcel for answering all my questions - I thought they might pick a couple!
Really informative, thank you.