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Rhône 2018 offer


Was wondering if anybody could recommend un oaked white wine from this offer. Have to admit I don’t know to much about Rhône whites. But I like Roussanne and Marsanne more than any other varieties.


There is an opt-in EP group with ongoing conversations around Rhone 2018 EP.
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What is an opt-in group? When I click that link I get a message saying I “don’t have access to that topic”.



Go here first and click on Groups:


That should get you to a big list of groups. Click on Join for the en_primeur group…and keep a close eye on your bank balance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes. It says I have no access either. Not sure why


Thank you


You should now see a similarly-titled topic with 100+ posts.

Come join the party! :+1:


Thank you!


Thanks @Herbster, I should have explained how to access the “party room” in more detail…:astonished:


:laughing: Love the dude with the floating doughnut! :laughing:


Now you’ve found the topic, I’ll lock this one! :slight_smile:

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