Rhone 2013 offer [October 2019]

Hopefully they’ll disappear, knocking about fifty quid off my basket :laughing:


I suspect this mainly refers to the various cases (though the Gigondas one is labeled as due in available from 18th November, which makes a bit of a mockery of it, although it is a ‘revised edition’). The individual wines will, I suspect, remain on the list (there appear to be over 600 bottles of the Vieux Telegraph still available). Anything with really small numbers will probably end up in the showroom bin ends.


The linked search now returns no wines but there are still twenty three 2013 Rhones listed. No idea if they are the same wines as in the ‘offer’.

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As one offer closes another rises from the ashes…

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Hi Richard,

Just saw this - so, the offer is open between specific dates (as all our offers are), and as long as they’re in stock, the wines listed will be available at those prices within those dates.

After that, we might keep wines leftover on sale, but there’s no guarantee - we do often remove wines from sale once an offer’s over if we want to keep some stock to feature in another future offer, or age them further etc. Any special prices listed for the duration of the offer are also time-limited which is why it’s always important to have an end date.

I posted that tweet to emphasise the end date because the wines were selling fast, and also because there’s no guarantee we’ll keep them all on sale indefinitely beyond the end date - it was a popular offer, and I wanted people to have a chance to buy them while they definitely could.