Rhone 2013 offer [October 2019]

Another offer that just popped up is the 2013 Rhone.


Jancis Robinson’s article on the vintage is rather encouraging.


I thought the 75cl bottles of Thalabert were a steal at £18, but alas they check out at £23/bottle!

Now at £26. I wonder if they will honour my order at £18?

Maybe @martin_brown can advise??

Hiya, thanks for flagging this. Afraid that the 750ml price is £26 as advertised in the print version of this offer, but some slow systems at our end meant it took a little while for this to be brought into line. Not ideal and very sorry for any confusion and disappointment this will have caused.


The good news is that if you placed the order when it was showing at that price online then we will indeed honour it - give Member Services a shout if there happen to be any problems.


Thanks Martin. Errors happen, it’s OK. It did however cause me to consider whether I would have bought a case at £26 a bottle. I probably would have. It’s not a bargain, but then what in life worth having really is.

I’ve tried the half bottle - and loved it - hence couldn’t resist going straight in for the full bottle.


I noticed that price on the Thalabert and thought it was too good to be true. Still anything of that quality (also loved the half I tried) from the Northern Rhone under £30 is fair in today’s market.

My eyes have fallen on this. Have drunk it in the past and was impressed and the price has stayed relatively low. Chave’s lovely Southern Rhone blend…


Not biting this time, but if I were to…


I found the Cairanne rather disappointing, actually. I drank it twice (mind you, talking about 2017 not 2013), and both times thought it was a tad out of balance - alcohol level quite perceptible and not enough acidity to keep things fresh.

Would be interested to know if the 2013 is similar…

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Maybe too young?

I’ve had their Cairanne and Rasteau in previous vintages and enjoyed both, but they were pretty heavy if I recall.

Actually that Rastaeu on the list sounds delicious. Never had it, but I like the description!


Nothing that really grabs the attention here

The Roaix is really good. And I’ve enjoyed the St Cosme CdR in other vintages.

Half-tempted by the Clos des Papes and the Chave St Joseph, but not enough to get a six-pack and don’t fancy having 1-2 kicking around the house for the next five years… so will also pass.

Not tempted by anything new in the offer but it has just prompted me to take the 2013 Crozes Hermitage mixed case that I ordered EP out of reserves!



Anyone ever tried this Cornas? Have never brought Cornas but wondering whether to dip my toe in the water with this?

Not tried this one.

But I have bought it, because I like Cornas.

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That’s a pretty good price for cornas would be interested in any member’s previous experience of this one.

I bought a case of the 2016 Mon Coeur en primeur. A case was £85 IB which just seemed too good to refuse.


Tried a couple of the 2010s and very good.

From WS Twitter:

‘CLOSING TODAY: Last chance to browse our offer of 2013 Rhônes. We waited to release them until they were in their beautiful prime, and now you can enjoy this remarkable vintage from £9.95’

Which suggests they are nearly sold out since the web page says ‘This offer is open until Sunday 17th November, 2019 while stocks last’.

However there are still 19 showing stock. What will happen to those?