Revelations in local cheese

Agree, this is very good cheese (and they are very friendly if you visit to collect).

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Ate at the Great House when we lived at Melford, always a good meal but very cramped, very gingham :yum:
The only other decent eateries were in Stoke by Nayland, the Angel pub and the Crown which started well but faded away.
Lavenham had the Swan but it was never as good as the Great House for food, in Melford there was Chimneys, originally good but the owner went into catering and the restaurant despite him having a Michelin star previous went down the pan, this is like a step back in time for me as I loved the area but other things meant we had to move.
Back to cheese Kings in Sudbury always had a good selection of ours and continental cheeses but they also could not find a family member to carry on the business and folded, a familiar story.

Apparently it is a very popular reality TV program where your good looks are more important than your intellect.

With a bit of luck we wont have Love Island when we leave the EU…

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ahh @VinoVeritas the Stitchelton, has to be the finest English blue cheese. Have found occasionally on travels and has been suggested that Waitrose may stock but not locally in Kent.
My local fizz producer, Squerryes of Westerham has recently opened a deli on the site they share with the Westerham brewery. There I found a cheese called Wealden Ore, which is my current favourite,
best option for a cheeseboard a dry Oloroso , currently enjoying this one (now out of stock
but the Sainsbury (Lustau) half bottle is a much respected bargain
despite the comment in their blurb about being medium sweet, its definitely dry

love the Ludlow food centre @Ludlow_Steve and the Mousetrap cheese shop in Ludlow itself. It stocked Stitchelton last time we visited

Yes the Great House is still going strong.The Crown at Stoke is a regular for us, good food and superb cellar all displayed in a glass temperature controlled room in the pub.last time they had Barolo and meursaut by the glass. The walk from there to the River Box is lovely.

la Talbooth is the restaurant, Maison Talbooth the hotel about 1/2 mile apart. Always wondered why it doesn’t have a star. But overall a bit stuffy for me.

I really like the Sun at Dedham. Interesting Italian influences and a great value list.

Sorry for diversion from cheese.

Plus, for those who haven’t been to our small market town there is Harp Lane Deli and Broad Bean Deli in the centre of town. Good place for buying food, not as good as was for eating out.

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[quote=“Russ, post:27, topic:2960”]
la Talbooth is the restaurant, Maison Talbooth the hotel about 1/2 mile apart.

I said it was a long time since I had been.
Back to cheese, very difficult to get good cheese only Waitrose sells anything worthwhile, though highly unlikely our local large Co op at our last house did some great Suffolk cheeses, they also had an excellent wine list with some rarities, I discovered the manager had buying options open to him and he was a wine man, very strange set up the Co op all are different most rubbish.