Restaurants with corkage (and BYOB)

I was thinking that it would be useful to pool knowledge on restaurants that offer reasonable corkage, or BYOB, as this has come up a few times recently. Personally I really appreciate the chance to take a good bottle to a meal, but obviously it needs the restaurant to be open to it. My experience is that a few advertise that they are open to charging corkage, and others don’t advertise it as such, but may be open if you ask nicely.

I’ll put a few below, but would love to hear about more. (Apologies as my list is very London-centric, but feel free to add others from far and wide…)


There is a wiki for this which you can add your recommendations to ….

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To be fair, the old wiki is pretty out of date - a few of these places don’t exist anymore and others may not have the same policies.

I love Medlar

Great food and lovely staff/environment. Corkage £10 at lunch £25 at dinner


Maybe you would like to update it with the information you know ? That would be super helpful .


Mangal I in Dalston and Singburi in Leytonstone are two famously BYOB restaurants with no corkage, not to mention being absolutely excellent restaurants. Singburi especially is not only one of the best Thai restaurants in London but probably one of the best restaurants in London full stop.


Do you not think we’d be better off starting a new thread? I’m not sure we can edit the posts - most of which date from 2018, and there has been so much change in restaurants since covid.

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That was my thought in starting this - sorry maybe should have been more explicit at the beginning.


Anyone can edit the top post in the tread @leah linked to. That is the whole point of a “wiki”.

I agree with @leah - that is the best way to report BYO opportunities. But it’s better they’re mentioned in a separate topic than not at all, and if anyone else feels strongly enough, they could update the wiki.

Agree on how good Medlar is: I didn’t know they did corkage; thank you.

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BYOB, Vegan, Abyssinian, gluten free. Going there later this month - what wines would folk suggest?

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Blacklock - which is a pretty decent steak place does £10 corkage everyday for weekdays(not checked their corkage for weekends)


A pleasing challenge! The ubiquitousness of injera’s sour, spongy vibe in this cuisine would weigh heavily with me. A full-bodied, not overly complex white I’d’ve thought? A white Rhone? Or a simple Beaujolais if you want red, so accommodating.

I’ve got a bottle of Frappato in the fridge at the moment which might work but that may not be much use to you :blush:

Which fits nicely with this one highly recommended by @Inbar

As for the Beaujolais… there are so many and I love them all, however I’m keen for an excuse to open a bottle of the chateau-du-moulin-a-vent-moulin-a-vent-2018.

Many thanks for the tips. Salut !

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There is a website that lists some London BYOBs and a few in other cities.
They particularly point out the Monday deal (no corkage) at Hix oyster and chop house.

Thought Hix shut down like a year ago!

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I know that Hix closed and sold off the B&B by his main seaside restaurant. I found that out when I tried to book it!
Looking today I found that my alternative, his Fox Inn closed about six months ago but he seems to still be trading in Lyme Regis.
I hadn’t realised that he had had other venues.