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Restaurants recommendations - Avignon and/or Aix-en-Provence (Revisited)



Hello knowledgeable and well-travelled people,
Me and the other half are looking for recommendations for places to eat in Avignon and/or Aix-en-Provence. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just somewhere you enjoyed and which also had a nice wine list. Cicadas a bonus! :wink:
Thanks in advance :blush:


My recollection of Aix is that there are a lot of restaurants quite close together in the centre and that I never had a bad meal there, but I’m afraid I can’t remember any names.
I can’t remember a bad meal in Avignon either, but I don’t think there are so many restaurants so close together.
Sorry, rather limited information; my memory is failing!


Thanks, @Andy999! The flat we got in Aix is very central, so it’s good to know that there are good places to eat clustered around the centre. :+1:


Slightly off the beaten track is the general advice in Avignon. We’ve been to a place on the top of the main road, near the Palais. Was v good the first time, ok when we last went 2 years ago. Would probably look for something less touristy next time


This is a really unhelpful reply, I warn you, but we passed through Avignon about 6 years ago and we ate at a restaurant the name of which I can’t remember (See? Not helpful…:see_no_evil:) which was pretty off the beaten track.

But it was really lovely food, a very warm welcome, and everyone was sort of packed in on top of each other like they were cramming a restaurant into their front room. All I can remember is there was Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn pop art on the walls and a very bizarre collection of things (cheese graters. pots and pans) hanging by strings in the front window which made us laugh. Very quirky but we had a totally brilliant evening there and I would go again.

Mr Laura reckons there’d be something like ‘l’amour’ in the name but I can’t find any restaurant matching that on TripAdvisor!


Might be Ginette et Marcel…? https://ginette-et-marcel.business.site/
In any case, it sounds great! We shall be looking out for someone’s front room covered in pop art with some objet d’art scattered everywhere :wink:


Ooh, my heart lifted then, but on second look no I don’t think that’s the one! When we were there it had orange curtains and I think orange/olive green walls too, if that helps. I have found a couple of VERY blurry (put that down to the carafe of Rhone we devoured…) photos on my phone to jog my memory. If you see it while you’re there, let me know! :rofl:


In the absence of any definite info here it might be worth contacting the tourist offices where hopefully they can give some helpful (impartial) suggestions.

Mickaël Féval seems to be the main man - for restaurants not at the
T.O. - but a number of the top restaurants are closed in August



This one might be a tad too far away.
The Wine List may be below expectations? :wink::grin:
The food is OK, though.
I sent some friends there and they were happy enough!
Take a look and make your own mind up!?!



I thought I would ‘revisit’ this topic, and mention some of the places we enjoyed food and/or wine in, before the initial impressions fade somewhat. So here goes:


La Vache à Carreaux - food was good and honest; nothing sophisticated, but what we had was well made. OK wine list, though nothing special. Its location is its selling point- in a quaint but lively little square.

Restaurant and Bar Le 46 - a real gem of a place. Food was brilliant and they have nearly 200 wines to choose from, so you’re really spoilt for choice. Really friendly staff too!

La Vin Devant Soi - a brilliant wine shop, with 32 wines permanently on the enomatic, some of which were a real treat to try. The owner was friendly and clearly knows his stuff. Highly recommended!

L’Isle sur Le Sorgue

Au Chineur - although the food was good and the wines choices OK- we enjoyed this place mainly because of its location; being right next to the water, overlooking the canal, it was the perfect place for people watching, and had a really joyous atmosphere.

Le Jardin du Quai- a fantastic place! Lovely setting, in a little hidden garden near the train station, the menu was fairly short (in a good way), and wine selection was very good. My husband took a risk and ordered the ‘sheep’s trotters cooked with tripe’. It sounded totally unappealing, though I confess that it had the most melt in the mouth texture (though quite what melted in the mouth was not worth thinking about). Highly recommended!

L’Isle got so many inviting little cafes, bars and restaurants, and I honestly can’t remember all the places we stopped in for coffee or aperitif. Charming town if there ever was one!


Nem Viet- a Vietnamese restaurant which cooked utterly delicious food. We really stuffed our faces there! Not much to say about the wines, though - so I stuck to a simple carafe of Côtes De Provence rosé while the OH had beer.

Jacquou le Croquant - we absolutely loved this place! Staff was friendly and jolly - but also very efficient, the atmosphere was homey and warm, and the food and wine were great. They did quite a few 50cl bottles (an option we went for) - I wish there were more places offering that.

La Cave Mazarin - A great wine shop, with fantastic selection of local Rhone/Provence wines. I could spend a few hours there, given half a chance (alas, I wasn’t given it).

There were lots of little other places we stopped in, but the above are the ones that stuck in mind.

Off to plan the next holiday… :thinking: