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Rest in Peace

Sad to read about this tragic accident. I visited this domaine a couple of years ago and bought his wines. Awful to see this.


That’s awful. One of his bottles arrived in an order today, will feel a little sad when drinking it. Lovely wines and a similar sad fate to Didier Dagueneau a few years ago.

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Very sad, visited many times and had the pleasure to meet him on a couple of occasions.

Was always looking forward, not just with wine making but the business too - The new cellars and buildings were coming along nicely when I was there last at Easter '19. He was also trying out some innovative vineyard techniques and had just planted a new plot

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Oh, that’s just awful! :cry::cry:

In our last night in the Loire, nearly two weeks ago now, the last wine we drank was one of his fantastic Bourgeuil wines… Sad loss. Thanks for posting.

According to Matt Walls, Alain Voge has died recently too.

Both really sad losses.

Both made excellent wine.