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Reserves policy

I agree with you wholeheartedly. The Society has been hijacked and is all-out for sales and the hell with ‘members’ or services to allow them to enjoy wine.

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Just linking here as more relevant to this topic.

It seems to be possible, where a wine is listed as a case of 12, to place only six bottles into reserves without making up a mixed case. I’ve tried with 3 different wines listed as cases of 12 and the option to place in reserves if only 6 were added to the basket was there.

Is this new? Or have I just been unaware of this option?


How curious, I just tried the same. Didn’t pay, but got all the way to checkout confirmation. I’m pretty sure this is new

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It would be great news if this was a feature and not a bug.

While I would love to be able to reserve individual bottles, 6 bottles wouldn’t be a bad compromise for now.

But in the medium / long term I would hope that the Society is on a path to allowing individual bottles to be sent to reserves. Other wine retailers have offered this for years without issue. Hopefully current Society investments in IT and warehousing are part of the roadmap that would provide this service to members?


I would love to see this happen. Not sure it would be any easier on my wallet though!


Also, i predict that people will show a tendency to make the most of the charge and occasionally order (say) twelve singletons. At some stage the ‘suits’ will find this is messing up their operations and put a cap on the number of wines in a single £10 withdrawal. Watch this space.

What happens if I withdraw more than 12 bottles of different wines, say 14 bottles comprising two each of seven different wines. Is that one £10 charge (and same if it was 18 bottles comprising two each of nine wines etc)?

It’s one charge per delivery.

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I was just thinking about the new reserves policy, and it occurred to me that you can bypass the delivery fee by temporarily using reserves. Obviously this will add a few weeks on to the delivery timescale. Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I hadn’t noticed it.

I recently ordered 6 of these to try: Fronton Le Beau Vin, Château Bouissel 2016 and as it is less than 12 bottles and under £75 a delivery fee would be applicable. However if I send them to reserves and then withdraw them they would be delivered for free. Indeed I could just withdraw 3 of them for free.

I thought I’d test this further. If I withdraw 3 bottles of the Sicilian Reserve Red it is free, but if I order 3 bottles of the same from new stock there will be a £5 delivery fee. Now the fun part… I wondered what would happen if I added 3 bottles of new Reserve Red to my basket plus 3 bottles from reserves… result: I appear to have broken my basket and I just get a swirling circle. Oh dear, ticket raised to member services. :flushed: , update: clearing my cache resolved this. :clown_face:

Yes, I noticed this ‘loophole’. A case of 6 into reserves (most cases of 12 will exceed the £75 limit anyway) will then allow them to be delivered for free but will take longer.

I assume WS have considered this and conclude the benefits of the new system will make up for the extra potential delivery costs.

I’m still not entirely clear that the new system is better value for WS. It use to be I could withdraw a mixed case of 12 (made up from 4 unmixed cases) and get free delivery. Now I only need to withdraw 3 of the same wines and get them delivered to my door for free. I assume on some spreadsheet somewhere it makes sense but seems an expensive use of a courier to get me just three wines rather than the previous system where I would at least have to be withdrawing 12 wines to get the delivery.


yes, definitely agreed - cost and environmental impact

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