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Reserves policy

That is a pain, I was lucky in that I was crossing the threshold around the time of the change being made so just withdrew to avoid future hassle.

Unfortunately it means I never look there for things to store anymore as would have to buy a load in one go to avoid the minimum fee and am never in a position to do that.


Thanks for this, I’ve just cleared out my reserves at BBR, not that I had too much in there but those fees are crazy.


I’m living in the US at the moment and storage charges are just ridiculous here.

This is fairly representative: https://www.gordonswine.com/wine-storage/

Even if you go with one of the bulk storage it’s $3.15/case/month. so $37.80/year or 27 quid a case. Like all good things in the US, this doesn’t include tax!

Impossible to argue with 9.24/year at TWS.

If I was storing 50 cases for 10 years that’s an extra 10k in storage fees or close to 17 pound per bottle.


Yeah, but it is only an issue if you have less than 4 cases.I did not know there was a minimum either. I would do the same.

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I’ve been stung by this and they won’t refund either thanks BBR

Thanks for pointing this out.

My entire BBR reserves is in the post to me now. One 6 pack of Oncle Vincent at £19.50 a bottle delivered (price paid not currently reflected in link) which I think is a bargain (following a recommendation from the community), would have turned bad with £42 per year charges.

Have thrown in a bottle of David Ramey from BBRs own label. Seems cheap for his wine so may buy more if it’s good


To close the loop on BBR, I did ring them to query it and they said the policy had been in place for about two years (as mentioned by @JRed) but immediately offered to take my storage charge off the invoice. That leaves me in the slightly curious position of paying the £27.60 surcharge but not the £13.80 storage.

Oh well, I’ll take that as a quick win and move on, seeing as I have to go to war with British Gas today…


After panicking earlier I called BBR re the one case of EP wine I have with them (which was delivered earlier in the year) and they said they would only invoice me storage charges on my anniversary (April) and that I wouldn’t have to pay any storage charges until that comes (which I have in writing). They also implied there is a bit of a grace period to move stuff out and they would credit any charges (although I don’t have that bit in writing) so kind of sounded a bit like what TWS do.

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Does anyone know if a magnum counts as 2 bottles when putting a mixed case together or just the one?

I believe it counts as two, unless something has changed recently. And a half bottle counts as a whole bottle.

Splendid thank you, that could prove very useful. Tricky business putting a mixed case together.

Hmm, I think a magnum counts as one for the numbers (to make up a case of 12), but two for the rental (which is on volume). Might be wrong though.

Best thing to do is try putting a mixed case of 3 magnums and 6 regular bottles into reserves and see if it works.


Yeah, I just tried and failed. Apologies for the poor info @Ieuanf.

I think they used to count as two when withdrawing from reserves, which may be where I’m getting confused. Makes no difference now, of course.

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So one could just stick a few of the cheapest half bottles in to make up 12 for a mixed case?

This could be very handy as some of the wines I am looking at are too pricey for me to buy a mixed total of 12 of at the moment.


It really would make a big difference if TWS allowed more flexibility about what can be put into reserves for those that do not wish to consume alot of wine but still value choice and age and do not want to have a wine fridge…which is starting to seem inevitable. Back to the drawing board.


Various threads over the past 3 years have suggested that members would happily pay a premium for flexibility in reserves policy but it has fallen on deaf ears it seems

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They announced flexible withdrawals this year. They might be seeing how that goes before starting a more flexible reserves deposit arrangement?


That’s true - and it does naturally follow that if you can withdraw any quantity you like you might also be allowed to deposit any quantity you like.


Perhaps those that are keen could work to get it onto the agenda for the next AGM. I wonder if there are enough people bothered by this to create a voice.

It does seem logical that the current trials would proceed any changes to how wines can be placed into reserves, but of course doesn’t mean it is under consideration.

Frustrating when you see something you would love to buy but know you will never get through a case but would like enough bottles to experience the wine’s development over time or collect a vertical.

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I think it would prove popular if priced correctly.

For example my average bottles per wine in reserves at L&W is 1.95.

I’m sure a modernised warehouse system could make this work.