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Reserves policy

I did not really want to get into a discussion of how much a picker in a warehouse is paid but I did include a significant uplift over base pay to allow for employers’ NI, pension etc. I used £20 as a nice round number to try an illustrate the point.

In 2019 an advert for WS seasonal help was offering £9.12 an hour.

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I have always assumed that each case is not identified by name as well.

Which is a shame as IIRC it affects your rights in the event of a WS insolvency. I think if the case has your name on it, it counts as your wine so you are protected in an insolvency. If the WS has five cases and a list of five names, it is the WS’s wine and they have to take their chances with all the other creditors.

I could be completely mis-remembering that, but I think it was an issue a few years back when there was a number of storage insolvencies.

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Some members spend a lot and that brings in revenue that enables the Society to function at a very high level.
Some members maybe only buy a few cases annually, so contribute little to what the Society is able to do. e.g. a cadre of great buyers who are able to visit vineyards, the world over. Or own bottlings of wines at differing quality levels, or dinners, online winemaker events, this Community function will have a cost and the outstanding service level that WE have grown accustomed to which will be the envy of our “competitors!!” Quite the list!!
There will be lots of cross subsidy but who cares, so long as we all have a successful Society.
It does wind me up where some can only see an issue from their own position and not be prepared to clamber onto the helicopter; to overlook the entire operation.
Some derive benefits from their location where they can easily visit the Society shop or attend at little expense the AGM. Good luck to them, but the Hybrid AGM and Mystery cases have levelled up what was an uneven playing field and that is terrific for the majority of us.
I do believe that the age old disgruntled retired Major from Tunbridge Wells (Sorry! :open_mouth:) is still alive and kicking, and refuses to see what can be achieved for the greater good!!
Membership of the Wine Society should be ALL ABOUT US and not me, Me, ME!!


Totally agree Taff.

In related news, you’ve no doubt seen the Bollinger case offer? (I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a personal phone call actually :joy:)


Truth be told, I had recently emailed Sarah on a number of issues including a Bolly Offer, the reply included a few days advance knowledge of this offer.
I have a decent dod of Bolly in my Reserves account from the lauded Grande Annee 2008, the G.A. 2012 and a modest 10 bottles of the Special Cuvee some of which has festered ( :rofl: :wink:) for 2+ years.
I have of late, been busy raiding Waitrose (& others) accumulating some more G.A. 2012 and the 2012 G.A. Rose, bottles of the Special Cuvee and the Rose and a truly embarrassing number of halves of the Rose in particular.
My plan is to buy a little of the Special Cuvee in bottles from the annual Festive Offer in December, given that it is well priced. I do have high hopes for the eventual release of the Bolly Special Cuvee that employs the 2019 vintage, for it’s base wine. That should be a cracker. See below, for a really good vintage chart.
The American Football season starts in less than a month, and a Sunday evening with some KFC and a bottle(s) of Bolly, is my idea of heaven.
To make it all happen, does require some advance thought and action. :open_mouth: :rofl: :wink: :dragon:



Wondering if I’m the only person who put in a withdrawal request to make sure more 12 bottle cases were broken in time. Oh well…

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Apologies for opening this thread again but searched here in and in the Help on the main site and coudn’t find an answer (Storing Your Wines With Us | The Wine Society).

I’m thinking of buying a magnum or two to put into reserves and looking for the expertise in the Community who store halves, magnums and large sizes. GIven their cost I’m keen to keep the overall case cost reasonable.

What are the rules for putting a personally-mixed case into reserves? If it’s a variety of magnums only, is it six (as would be in a case) or twelve or a smaller / any number? 12 seems excessive, six or less would be ideal. Similarly for a a variety of halves.

For mixed cases of mixed sizes again do you know the rules, if mixing do they have to add up to twelve or could it be a smaller number?

Thanks in advance.

My understanding is that its 12 bottle cases irrespective of what the bottle size is. But with the change of withdrawal rules and the new site you should be able to select cheaper wines or half bottles in the case and the only select the magnums when you need them.

Do you mean that you can withdraw individual bottles from a mixed case you’ve put together? I thought it was still the case that all mixed cases had to be withdrawn in one go.

Yes, you’re right. The current trial of odd bottles/any combo withdrawals is from unmixed cases only. Members pre-mixed cases have to go in to reserves as 12’s and come out as the same 12 with no splitting, even with the recent change in withdrawal rules.

Ahhh my bad, I thought it was member mixed cases too

I’ve just received a case which includes a number of single bottles from an own mixed case I put into reserves recently.

At the moment it seems to be a free for all, but I wouldn’t count on this continuing indefinitely.


Interesting. Thanks.