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Reserves mixed case withdrawals are back!

Hi everyone!

Just a brief note, as I know a fair few of you asked about it when we started deliveries again - I’m pleased to report that you can now withdraw your own mixed cases from Reserves!

The usual rules apply - and there’s more on that on our Reserves page:

Some nice news to start the week. :smiley:


This is excellent news


Great news. Already called down 2 x 6 bottles. Both have drink end dates of 2022 and wanted to get my hands on them since before lockdown. Delivery is scheduled for 2 June. So apart from no TWS vans, all else seems to be returning to normal.


This has me wondering if the reintroduction of this is linked to the need for warehouse space. There must be a number of EP offers due or overdue (Rhône and Beaujolais on my EP offers)

Certainly this communities EP order of the 17 Rhône must require a warehouse of its own!


Slightly unrelated question but this topic seemed a suitable place.

Made a withdrawal request in the middle of last week for some wines in my reserves. As yet, I’ve not had any further correspondence regarding the withdrawal although the request has been noted when I view my reserve wines.

I assume I just wait for contact from the Society to arrange a delivery date at some point? I do recall there was an issue with the site when I was trying to process the reserves order and I saw an error message but according to My Reserves the request has been received.

In theory you should have set the delivery date when recalling reserves. Might be worth calling Member Services to check.

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Cheers, just phoned and all in order. Seems a confirmation email just went missing somewhere.