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Reserves Mix Up

Having never worked in a large warehouse this thread has got me fascinated as to how the system works.
When a new wine arrives does someone physically stack the boxes and then record the location in a database? This could be the first opportunity for error.
When an order arrives or someone pays duty to retrieve IB wines, does someone have to check the location and then go and see what is there?
Do some boxes not have sufficent detail printed on the carton so there can be confusion?

I would have thought that for an operation as big as TWS most of this could be automated and I could imagine a bar code being applied to every box so that when it enters reserves it is machine stacked and then it can be automatically retrieved by a picking machine and placed on a conveyor belt to a point where a bar code reader would trigger printing a DHL/TWS label for someone to double check and apply the label.
Of course such a system could not cope with part boxes but it could deliver them to someone to be opened, checked, repacked, labelled etc.

A quick google shows that there are many different fully automated wine warehouses in operation around the world.

Perhaps as a result of this thread MS kindly came back to me and offered £30 for my trouble but could still only offer the 2018 vintage which I’ve accepted.

A sensible result all told and hopefully this is just an unfortunate anomoly but it is worth checking your reserves orders when you receive them just to check they are correct. I must admit, in the past I assume the contents are correct but will double check going forwards.