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Replies to other members not showing


I generally post via the discourse app on an iPhone. I find that often when I try to reply to a certain members post, rather than just reply at the end of the thread, the fact I am replying to a certain member shows as I am preparing my reply, but then not when I finally save and post.

Hopefully the screen shots below will show what I mean…

Not sure if just me doing something wrong or a site/discourse issue?


I’ve had the same issue using the website on my phone.


If I am not mistaken, in that example you are replying to a specific user’s comment, and not the original post - that is true. However, you are replying to the PREVIOUS last comment, and therefore the “in reply to” button (which is in fact a navigational aid back to the relevant comment you are linking to) is not required because it is immediately above.

If you did this with a comment that did not immediately precede your comment, then you would see the “in reply to” above your comment, and a ‘reply’ would appear in that comment

such as this thread (because there are other comments in between):

Does that explain it?

If you want to emphasise the link with the comment even though it is the previous one, you could always quote a section

EDIT: have you ever tried clicking on these titles? It shows you the relevant message and replaces the concept of the threaded discussion


as I should have done here, I suppose


Thanks @robert_mcintosh. I’m testing here trying to reply to @tfpywfpy earlier in this thread.

[EDIT: yes, seems to work as you say. Cheers]