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Remove address from mailing list?

HI, Ive looked on the wine society website and there doesnt appaer to be any way of removing yourself from their mailing list, does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this? I have already tried ringing them btw … Thanks.

Do you still buy from TWS?

If not, as that would be a reason for not wanting mailings, then mailings will automatically stop 12 months after your last purchase.


Did they say they couldn’t stop mailings to you? I’m sure there’s a thread on this topic somewhere…

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Found it!


Absolutely @peterm, thanks for your swift response

Thats the daft think @peterm, I havent purchased from them in over 2 years yet still the mailings keeping coming … I think I’ll have to brave and try to ring them again !

For electronic communications, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email. I guess you were asking about physical mailings, but thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone else was wondering.

In July, excluding notifications from this forum, got 14 emails from TWS. When I realised I got so many that I ignored them all anyway, I decided it was time to use that link.

Ah, I was going on what my friends told me. They were disappointed that the mailings stopped after they had a bad spell when they didn’t buy anything for a year.

Good times are back, they’ve bought recently and they’re getting the mailings.