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Reds for non-red drinkers


Hi all. I need a little help please. I’m looking for reds that someone could drink who really doesn’t try or avoids red (they said they just didn’t like the taste) but I’m guessing they haven’t tried much of quality outside of the bottom supermarket shelf.

My first thoughts were lighter gamay and pinot but if anyone can think of real crowd pleasers of something ‘introductory’ I’d be very grateful. Probably avoiding strong tannin and crazy maturation flavours. For now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


There are a couple of delicious Italian options - the new vintage of the Le Fraghe Bardolino is now in stock, and is a light and fruity red that works well lightly chilled.

You could also go with a Frappato - TWS don’t have one at the moment but you can get them elsewhere. I think Waitrose have stocked them in the past. It’s another light fruity red - not a million miles away from a rose.

If the person you’re buying for doesn’t get on with those, I guarantee you won’t have any issue finishing the bottle!


You could also browse the recommendations in this thread.


Aw thanks @szaki1974! The next goal is to suggest you might want to try this wine without soda in it :no_mouth:


Awesome thanks @Bargainbob!!

Haha what can i choose where i have to constantly finish up a whole bottle…?


I also think offering a very balanced Red can help . If the tannins, acidity and fruit etc… are all in tune with each other offering a smooth finish, I think in general it tends to go down well with white wine drinkers .
(I would recommend an Alsace Pinot Noir :wink:.)


This is lovely and juicy! Light without challenging tannins or things that a non red drinker would dislike.

Its out of stock at the moment, but the Nicosia Frappato is also ideal in my opinion.


Agree on the Kadarka, it is so light yet so good. I found it needed a bit if time out of the bottle


Society Fleurie, Alsace Pinot Noir as Leah suggests, or one of the lighter Greek reds?


Yep i think the rapsani could be a candidate… Certainly pinot noir seems a favourite too. Thanks guys I’ll experiment!!