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Red wines for a white wine drinker?


Hi all,

I need everyone’s advice on this, I have managed to convert my dad to drinking Rieslings which he now enjoys knowing that they aren’t all sweet. He usually enjoys Chablis and other dry whites and enjoyed a white Rioja I gave him.

He only drinks white wine, was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a wine to try and convert him towards reds? I know that everyone is different, just wanted to see if I could get him to try a red that he might enjoy coming from a 100% white wine background.

I am thinking probably something like a simple Beaujolias or maybe a new world Pinot noir? I bought a case of 2016 white Burgundy which I am giving him half of but wanted to share some other reds with him as my mum drinks red.


Reds for non-red drinkers

@M1tch Wonder whether a step-wise approach is worth considering, i.e. white to rose first? This one is on the more robust end of the rose scale (and excellent!)…

Then maybe something at the lighter end of the Chianti spectrum?


A familiar problem in my family, all the boys (son and daughters’ boyfriends ) drink beer. Nothing wrong in that but I’d like to introduce them to a wine drinking “career”. All the girls drink white except for my step daughter who has got the taste for red. She likes Malbec. I keep trying them with Beaujolais but my success rate has been low so far!


I always think Brown Brothers Tarrango would be a good wine for converting white wine drinkers. I’ve never actually succeeded though!


Maybe you can try and sort of ‘replicate’ the elements of white wine that he enjoys; so if it’s the tingling acidity something like a Barbera or a Nerello Mascalese could be interesting to try. If it’s bouquet/aroma he enjoys, then a Pinot Noir or Mencia or any other red with a noticeable aromatic characteristic. Maybe best to start simple, so a straightforward red that doesn’t require a PhD to ‘get’ and enjoy and work from there?


This could cost you in the long run… think wisely my friend…:joy:


Whatever you decide, make sure it’s full of fruit rather than drying tannins and serve slightly chilled (as if it was white wine). I’d go for Beaujolais, mature Portuguese reds perhaps, a smooth Merlot or best of all a Grenache from Spain or the Rhone - always delicious and moreish, I find. Hope it works!


A German spaetburgunder?

Majestic Zinfandel Bargain - or is it?

Thanks for the warning Leah. I realise that there is a fanancial downside but there is much enjoyment to be had as the upside. I wouldn’t want them all to miss out on the pleasure that I’ve taken from good red wine during my lifetime. It’s the perennial parenting problem: you advise on one course of action and the children do the opposite.


I had this last year and as someone who always prefers white wine to red at any price point below GBP 20, this was impressive but now out of stock:

Nevertheless it gave me faith in the producer, Aldinger, and so, although I haven’t tasted it, this might be worth trying, and its discounted…


I always have a fair amount of Lemberger (aka Blaufränkisch) when I visit friends in Germany. When made well it’s such a delicious and perfumed red! Glad you pointed this one out @cgoldin! :+1:
Btw, am I right in thinking you work in Israel? If so, I’m off visiting family there next month - any particular Israeli wines you can recommend?


Always happy to recommend Israeli wines to anyone on this forum as I am in fact in Israel and drinking them from time to time; I actually drink less Israeli wine than non-Israeli wine however since it is relatively expensive and has a relatively narrow range/taste profile.

Since I travel regularly to London I prefer to take advantage of the global marketplace that TWS gives me access to.

It’s still cheaper to pay double duty on wine bought in the UK DP and then bring it through the red channel in Israel than to buy what is imported here which also tends to be premium brands. I really get the conversation about UK vs RoW wine retailing that we’ve been having elsewhere…


That’s really interesting! I didn’t know that! Mind you, I haven’t lived in Israel since 1995, so a lot of stuff is lost on me! The occasional Israeli wines I do drink when I visit - I tend to like a lot, especially those from cooler/elevated vineyards in the north, or around the Judea Hills. It’s difficult to get good examples in the UK. I had a couple Recanati bottles from M&S and Waitrose over the last few years, which I really enjoyed (they were a Shiraz and a Shiraz/Petit Sirah blend) and Tesco also has a couple good white ones (only available in shops near Jewish communities, such as Hove) - but they really are very rare to come by.


Cabernet Franc? I mention this because I had a ‘vine share’ in A St Nicholas de Bourgeouil Vineyard, and found that the wine had a universal appeal …even to white wine drinkers.