Red wine with lemonade

This is quite something. A £120 bottle of wine with lemonade. :scream:

TripAdvisor reviewer who left bad feedback gets brutal four-letter response from restaurant - Evening Standard.

The restaurant has a very attractive wine menu. There is no red wine listed at £120 per bottle so must have been on the specials board. Judging by the rest of the prices it is quite possibly a very special bottle. The £90 fizz is a 2006 Vintage Pol Roger… maybe I am, sadly, used to London prices, but that does not look like an very reasonable markup.

On the issue of lemonade… you could say everyone to their own., but it seems disrespectful in more than one ways… to the wine maker, to people who enjoy wine, but cannot afford pricier bottles That is of course only my opinion.

Using that word is also distasteful by the way

By the way this is this week’s specials line up at the bistro:

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Their unfortunate use of a four letter word in their response to the posting certainly demeans the potential impact of it, despite whatever sentiment the issue pokes in our opinions. It may be, of course that the management felt, following the spat, that plain language was all that could be understood, but that is only my assumption.
This is the link to the restaurant website.

I’ve been to Hispi a couple of times, it’s a lovely ‘neighbourhood’ restaurant. Definitely worth a trip if you find yourself near W Didsbury.

I seem to remember chef Gary Usher has been involved in several tripadvisor/twitter spats with customers before, usually expletive-laden. Agree it probably detracts from the impact of his points. Also not sure I care much about how other people drink their wine/spend their money. At least they were spending it with him I guess, they could have gone to Volta (also worth a trip in W Didsbury…).

Certainly the collapse into four-letter language does detract from the owner’s complaint. But TripeAdvisor does have a long history of attracing a minority of reviewers whose aim is only to post “Knocking copy”. Such posts garner a disproportionate number of “likes” compared to more thoughtful (and, honestly helpful) contributions. Some people are motivated by more malicious instinct at times, sadly.

I understand the temptation to let rip. I’m sure many of us have been there! But I think the best response overall is to sit on it for a day or so - then if you still feel your good name has been impugned, post an icily factual response to the original offending post. Commercial kitchens can be hot, high-pressure environments and an immediate response from there may not be what your great-aunt Agatha may wish to hear.

I like the look of the restaurant and indeed their wine list, though!


Felt like I may have been doing Mr Usher a disservice, so looked it up and so it proved. His previous tripadvisor customer response was I think perfectly judged: