Red wine please

Hello everyone. I’m Sue in Swindon, UK, widowed now but determined to forge ahead. I love a full bodied red wine so am looking forward to trying some of these lovely wines :joy:


Hi Sue.

Welcome to the community.

You can search and filter to find full bodied reds on the site:

There’s plenty of threads here talking about specific regions, and everyone is very keen to talk about their favourite wines from each. Personally, I have a very soft spot for full bodied reds from the southern Rhone - can’t go wrong with anything from the Jaume or Courac stables, for everyday drinking.

Welcome to the forum Sue - you may like Amarone, it seems to be becoming easier to find recently which may help you too

You might want to have a look at the mixed red wine cases. Something for every budget.

There’s even one mixed case called Big Reds, which should be right up your street Sue:

I don’t know all of them, but I’ve had the Cruz de Piedra, the zinfandel and the Jaume - all very tasty and good value.

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Welcome …. I think you’ll rue the day you asked that question
Plenty of influencers on here lol


Welcome Sue, I am sure you will get lots of help here. If you like big reds then perhaps you will prefer wines from warmer climates. Either warmer countries such as Australia and California, or warmer vintages like 2018 in France.

Hi Sue,
if you start getting really intrigued and interested in wine (as I did) you may want to look at the excellent zoom events organised by TWS. Informative and entertaining.
I also enjoy comparing and contrasting two wines, at home. Typically I open a bottle and decant some into empty screw cap half or quarter bottles - filled to the brim they keep fresh for quite a while. Then drink the remainder. When you open a second different bottle and do the same, you will then have, say, two quarter bottles of different wines to try. Adds to the interest, but keeps consumption down to sensible limits!

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I’m not good at the technical side of this posting, but I have to say something. I must have been living in the dark ages with the wine that I was drinking! I found 19 Crimes The Uprising at the local supermarket and was perfectly happy, thought I was doing well. I’ve now found other wines at the WS, so much better! More full bodied, more flavour, and cheaper too? My previous choices in the local shops were just like thick squash, cloying and well, how I must have suffered for all those years. I’ve a lot to make up for….:heart_eyes::wine_glass::man_cartwheeling: