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Red wine match for chicken and leek pie?


Hi all,

Odd one, I am going over to my parents tonight and my dad has asked me to bring along a red, we are having a Chicken and leek pie (Filo top etc but lets not get into a pie argument). Ideally the wine would be paired with a white but I know there will be red drinkers as well.

I was thinking perhaps a Fleurie as that’s going to be low in tannin and easy to drink if served slightly chilled.

Anyone got any other thoughts? The food and wine matcher is suggesting all whites (mainly Chardonnay):


I am actually going over with a case of EP white Burgundy - I am giving him half a case and keeping the other half :slight_smile:


I think I would also go for a Beaujolais, but I wouldn’t be scared of a pinot noir either. Especially if there are some mushrooms in that there pie.


I think Fleurie is a great shout - my first thought on reading the title was ‘beaujolais’, and with Fleurie being at the lighter end I can’t really think of a better match.


And I don’t know about the truth of this but I’ve read a few times (particularly on the wine folly blog) that tannin is softened by fat so if it’s a creamy sauce then a bit of tannin might not be the worst thing. But probably not one for the Madiran!


Agree that a white would be best, but how about this as a slightly leftfield suggestion? I’ve been drinking it straight out of the fridge this week…

Would certainly stand up to accompanying food and is surprisingly lovely served cold.


My thoughts turned to a lightly chilled Pinot Noir, perhaps from Alsace. Or a Loire Cabernet Franc, also lightly chilled.


Also immediately though Beaujolais but the PN / Cab Franc suggestions could certainly work as long as the Cab wasn’t too weighty


I was thinking of the Kadarka that was on the list, but it is no longer available.


I love red wine with chicken. Not sure what all is going in your casserole (ahem!) but cream with red wine can put some people off so I’d pick something with enough acidity to cut through. Not sure how super fruity will play with the leeks, so if it were me I’d keep that in mind as well.

Your instinct for Fleurie sounds a great choice, or any of the sappier Beaujolais.

You could also head to Italy, usually a good food choice. Maybe something like this


I do love that wine, stumbled upon it a few months ago, its only about a pound than a Fleurie so quite a tempting wine to go with - really enjoying Greek wines at the moment.


Ah yes, Italian wines are always food friendly, usually have pretty good acidity as well - another good option.


A bit out there, perhaps, but I wonder if a Marcillac might work too? It goes nicely with creamy cheeses, and is usually light to medium bodied, so should not overwhelm the dish, and in theory should work nicely with the creaminess. I love this one:


My ‘go to’ red for a creamy sauce would be a Loire Cab. franc, with either the Bourgeuil, or St.Nicolas de Bourgeuil as the district of choice. Those areas are quite dairy orientated an some of the local rustic food is very creamy/goats cheesy and I’ve always been offered a Cab.Franc.


As a friend of mine once declared to a pub kitchen: “Where are its sides and bottom? This isn’t a pie - this is soup with a lid!”


Agree, Loire CF or maybe a German Spätburgunder?


Then you have shepherds pies where the lid is potato rather than a crust, but its still a pie apparently :smiley:


Thanks for all these suggestions - looks like a few common themes of either a Beaujolais, Loire CF, pinot noir or slightly different Greek or Marcillac wines. Hmm I have a couple of hours to decide I guess!


Just to confuse you further @M1tch how about

No food match shown !


How about a new world Pinot, Chile perhaps Koyle coastal

That extra ripeness might help with the creamy sauce.

Or New Zealand Dog Point would push the boat out and over to the other shore.


I think that the EP White Burgundy (Which one?) and/or a cool Fleurie would be perfect.
No need to look further.
My only other question would be is whether the chicken is all breast meat or (my preference) a mixture of thigh and breast.
I always use a little tarragon and a soupcon of Ricard, but that’s just me!