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Red Wine hamper

Hi all. I’m new to this community and wanted to seek help on finding a good red wine hamper. I’m looking to pay no more than £1000 for one. It should contain some full bodied reds and can be from anywhere in the world though I mostly enjoy Rhone region reds or Amarone or Barolo. Thanks in advance all!

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How many bottles should a hamper contain?

Probably too ‘simple’ but why not buy the hamper (presumably a posh box of some sort) and then fill it with c£900 worth of wine from TWS (just not any of the stuff I’ve got my eye on…)?! There’s some great wine on the list at the moment… Bordeaux, Rhone, Italian muck, etc, etc. Think I’d enjoy doing it that way at least!!


Agree, Any bespoke pre-filled hamper is bound not to be good value, better to obtain empty hamper and fill with individually - selected pick and mix. TWS won’t let you down of course but there are many other great specialist merchants out there.

One of, or perhaps the most, appreciated wedding present I ever gave was a hamper which I filled with 12 different bottles of quality English fizz (as a statement “against” Champagne I guess) and still years later am continually reminded how appreciated it was.


And here is a potential empty hamper supplier. £22 (collection only) which leaves you with £978 for wine selection ! nice problem to have. I imagine the challenge will be the hamper will hold maybe 24 bottles, beyond that it will weigh too much and possibly break.

Average £40 a bottle - presumably ready to drink - once you whittle it down by omitting the wines not ready to drink, your choices will be more limited. I wonder if the Stevenage fine-wine section will be open for visitors soon?